Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Falling Gently

It's been a fantastic December for riding apart from the cold snap we had to endure. Even that wasn't bad as traction wasn't an issue.

Brad and I got out yesterday for a spin with Hal and Kevin B. Together we checked out Kevin's secret 'Upper Cut' and 'Low Blow' trails before heading east for some Seine River monkey trail action. Sheltered in the trees from the breeze, the light snowfall gave the ride a Norman Rockwell-like quality despite my gasps for breath (and heckling from hikers) as I tried to keep up with the three wise men.

4.5 more days of work before I start my holidays. Hopefully this agreeable weather will stick around.

Brainssss agk grr ahhr eat
Brainsss hrrr aaa slurp agkkkkk brains
Snow falling on brains


  1. Yeah, for being so slow. What else is new?

  2. Awesome to see you guys riding the snowy trails.

    I really fell in love with winter biking last year, but had only a handful of riding partners that would brave the bitter cold for extended rides (with timely hot drink stops off course).

    Winter is beautiful ... even in Winterpeg!