Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shoe Review

These are the heat moulded Shimano SH-R220 Road Shoe. I got a pair from Phil at Bikes and Beyond last spring with high expectations. Well, they are great. Craig at the shop did the custom fit (they have the machine to do the fittings) and they felt great right from the start. And they are a beautiful bright white so everyone can see your glowing feet (all you roadies know what I'm talking about). Very visible, very high end, very comfy and very stiff. I would recommend them to anyone on the road. So if you like cutting out your local shop and buying online from the states (not my recommendation, but there are a lot of local mennos who have no problem with this) here's a great deal on a great pair of shoes.

The boys at B and B may not like someone coming in to use their machine if you haven't purchased from them, but offer them a case a beer and it may work out for you

My suggestion is to head down there and buy local, support our economy. Either way, these shoes are by far my favorite shoe I've ever owned (for the bike, that is).


  1. Forget the shoes. The way my feet feel after being out in our current conditions, I might bring them a case just to put my feet in their oven.

  2. Not that I condone shafting your local shop but I assume the revolutionary "heat-moldable" technology that Shimano is using is similar to hockey skates which one can find plenty of online instructions for home heat-molding (if you choose to buy your hockey stuff online as well)