Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vimy Ridge Report

Aside from the 1.27 hours that Michelle joined us, there were only three RRR members out last night for the 6-hour Vimy Ridge race. FGBC had a much larger turnout. I'm not sure how many, but probably 3 or 4 times our numbers. Thankfully Dallas showed up so we didn't feel so outnumbered, but we're used to rising to the occasion, using our superior bike skills to counter their numbers.

The long and short of it—each club raced to 50 laps, with each member completing 3 circuits before handing off to the next rider. On the strength of Mike's strong start, RRR gained a half-lap lead which was more-or-less being held until Brad, unfortunately, went down hard. He somehow threw the chain on the RRR bike and it took him some time to get rolling again. After that, it was the dark side with the approx. half lap advantage. They reached 50 first and then it was time for a break. The primes were to be awarded and there was chili and beer to be consumed. (Where did Dallas go?)

Mike won the prime for the fastest lap. We had little doubt he'd be bringing Jack home that night. The FGBC emptied the keg of Lil' Scrapper to indulge in their prime for the first to reach 50 laps—a yard of ale.

I slipped out to complete an additional 5 laps whilst others remembered all the good times on two wheels in 2009—the Back 40 (and the glorious Butter Belt), The Spring Ride, the WhitesHELL enduro, Menno Cross—and all that's instore for 2010—the Nordic Cross 24-hour race, the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge, the Back 40, cyclocross season...

In the end, the FGBC has dilusionally claimed the FGD Challenge on the basis of some obscure race rule. I'm not sure how that applies if both clubs had representation at the conclusion of the 6 hours marking the official race, or if that even comes into play with the addtional laps to RRR's credit. Regardless, it would only be accurate to say, however cliche, that the FGD Challenge was smashing success, and because we made it what it was, we're all winners.

* oh, puke *

Tom K from the trainingcoop has a 3rd party review and a few photos here.

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  1. A great night of biking awesomeness! Nice report KK and it was fun watching your gang duking it out and you sneaking off to up the lap ante! Good fun.

    My report here: