Thursday, November 19, 2009

Showdown at Vimy Ridge: The 2009 FGD Challenge Finale

If you wonder why it's been quiet on the blog as of late, I've been a little pre-occupied with rehabing in time for Saturday's FGD Challenge wind-up at Vimy Ridge. Well, that and reacquainting myself with old faces, and other things...

Anyway, everything's on the line. Winner take all. Bravado, bragging rights, and most importantly, beer.

Pack up the lawn chairs. Charge up the camera. Buy some Pepto. It's going to be both epic (not Brad's shitty kind of epic), and the social event of the year (as Brad puts it).

I'd post one more FGD Challenge scoreboard update, but at this juncture, what's the point? In two more sleeps the final results will be known. Instead, I'll post the poster.


  1. Those are big words coming from someone who plays Ultimate.

  2. You have obviously never seen me play ultimate.

  3. No, I haven't.

    Everytime I had the idea to watch I seemed to find something else more entertaining. And manly. The SlapChop commerical, for example...

  4. Ultimate sucks- not like cross sucking, but full on suck. Running? and throwing a "disc" around. Sounds kinda 70's gay to me. Kind of like my moustache.

  5. That is cute. But like I said, you guys are so dead.