Monday, November 23, 2009

July 24-25, 2010—Save The Date

Mark the dates on your calendar and tell the boss you might not make it in on the following Monday. The independent trinity (RRR, FGBC, and Birch) has something special in store for you.

At this time next year, you'll look back and remember July 24-25 as one of the highlights of your summer, if not the highlight of your summer.

Put it in your calendar now. Do it. Yep...right now.



  1. I'm Stoked!! Any more info yet or is this just the start? wow... 24 hours of shield rocks... could end in tragedy!

  2. Hey JP. This is just the teaser. More details are coming, but for now rest knowing that good times are in store. Especially on a 29er.

    The only tragedy would be to miss it!