Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FGD Challenge—Post-Provincial CX

We're getting close to the end. I figure one, maybe two more FGD Challenge updates to go before 2009's contest is done. Unofficially, however, the rivalry will live on whenever a RRR and FGBC rider are on the same road, trail, or track.

Sunday's race saw the dark side increase their lead by another 30 points. Again, had another RRR rider or two been at the race, it could have gone our way. Overall, the FGBC's lead is extended to 474.

Calling all RRR riders: Sunday's race will be the last MCA event counting towards the FGD Challenge. With at least one key member of the FGBC team out of Province that day, we might be able to match their numbers and eek out a victory to finish the MCA the season.


  1. I'll be there.

    Diminutive One? Will you show up with some little soldiers tinkling together melodiously in the back of the MDX?

  2. I can't make it. I'd have to really have an amazing wife to make that one happen..... Actually, she is pretty amazing so I better not try that one this time. I'd still like to race in the years to come.