Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There Will Be Mud, Sweat, Tears, Exhilaration, and PRIZES!

The quality of this year's cyclocross races has been impressive. FOG seems to be on top of things with their CrossTastic race. They're very organized with their full-fledged poster campaign, website, staging, and prizes (oh, the prizes—those $450 brakes will make someone happy).

Check out all the CrossTastic information here. And just for Larry, a map showing Whittier Park can be found here.

I guess the only remaining question is, "will there be beer?".


  1. All very impressive. Those brakes are worth about as much as my frame.

  2. Oh, there would be beer too, but the Liquor Commission has a small issue with that one. So no beer, but free coffee and hot chocolate for everyone. And in true European tradition free bratwurst (or hot dogs for those with more North American tastes).