Monday, October 19, 2009

Southern Cross

So that was awesome. The hardest course of the year, in my opinion. A few others seemed to think so too. Three times over the hill really stung the legs. A few long straights on the grass, a little pavement, some gravel, tons of twisties on the grass between the trees, the sand pit/volleyball court, four trips through a muddy ditch and of course the six pack of barriers.

With 51 racers in B, I wanted to get away before the technical stuff, so I hammered off the start and actually had a small gap.. So far so good. Coming off the hill at a confusing corner where the course ran parallel to itself, I got screwed up, and took the outside loop again. Apparently several others made the mistake of following me. That's what happens when a guy with concentration problems leads a race...

I knew I had messed up and actually stopped. Johnny G was yelling, and a course marshall looked really confused, mothers covered their children's eyes, grown men wept... That whole thing rattled me a bit. We all got back together when I stopped. I knew I had messed up, but wasn't sure where, or if we were going to be DQ'd, and that stalled me for a bit. It seemed like there was no other choice but to keep going.

I never really got my head back in the race after that. I fell twice. I stayed on the bike last week in that greasy mess, but today had a few stupid little falls. Dropped the chain on a fall after one of the ditch crossings when I was leading and Artur took the lead and Rod got by too. I spent the rest of the race chasing. Oh well. That's all racing. I caught Rod at the end of the 3rd lap, but at the bell he jumped a bit and just had more juice at the end.

Part way through the race Dr H rode onto the course to tell us they had worked something out to balance out our times with the rest of the field. The way it all panned out was Rod in first, I was second and I don't know about third. Artur actually crossed the line ahead of Rod and I, but they split the non licensed guys out, so again, he won without winning. Nice work Artur.

Tanis raced, all of Lorno's kids, two of Mike's kids. Lorne and Mike, you have to fill us in on your races. Tanis didn't seem too thrilled with this cross racing when I talked to her. I'm sure she will be back though. Michelle won the battle with Charlene. Nicely done. So our team total was 6 racers for the points. But the Dark Horde once again had the numbers. Bring on the little Little 500!

In the A race Paul Benson showed up to change the formula we have seen for the last few weeks. It was Paul and Don battling at the front all day, Olli in third and Craig in fourth. Craig looked like he was suffering. I've never seen him suffer, so he is human after all. Paul won, Don second, Olli, Craig and Chris.

I spent some time at the barriers during the A race with the brothers from the Dark Side. We all agreed that Luc was the king of the six pack. He absolutely flew through there every time around. Watch for it on Darryl's video recap. Very impressive.

Post race festivities and awards were at the curling club. By the time I got there, all 48 bottles of Southern Cross IPA were gone. . Bummer. I had to settle for MGD. I won some beer money and a door prize of a Stella glass. Larry, I might give it to you if you ever buy me my TDF beer.

Big thanks to the ABES crew and the FGBC guys for another stellar event. Cross rules.

Full results here.

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  1. Good report, Brad. Congrats on another podium finshing. Ditto to Michelle and Artur for their fine performances, as well. I'm happy to hear talk of becoming fully-licensed riders in 2010.