Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Bourkvale Race Memories

Thanks to Tom K from thetrainingcoop.com uploading a whole bunch of pictures and video clips. Here are a few clips...you can find more here.


  1. Hey KK, I know I said I'd edit and upload helmet cam footage from the races soon (including some of your young dude racing) and I will, but I'm busy with more flying right now.

  2. Flying? Yeah, right. It's windy and raining out. There's no way... :)

  3. Oh yee of little faith in us SAR flying folks ... we do fly the "mighty" Hercules, ya know ... most folks get in trouble on bad weather days!

    I'm just about to have my afternoon power snooze prior to a night SAR training mission to the Shilo Ranges to a simulated aircraft crash site ... we will drop para-flares to light things up, then equipment and a couple of our SAR Techs will parachute in and "help" the survivors. We pick them up in Brandon after a bit and come back to the Peg, unless someone out there really needs our help!

    Hopefully, I'll be video editing tomorrow after I get out of the fart sack!!

  4. Coincidence? It's been a month or so since a SAR mission of mine has turned into a good rescue ... last night was one of them! :-)

    A comm fisherman in a 22ft alum "yawl" went missing on Lake Wpg off Gimli yesterday afternoon. We got called out at supper time and did a rough search as it was getting dark, then a thorough one once it was dark with NVGs and radar. 3 hrs later, we spotted it first on radar, then NVGs and dropped illum smokes in the water. He turned a light on, we climbed and dropped para-flares, dove back down and IDed him. Vectored in a Coast Guard boat that was 30 min away and lit the sky for them. The guy was coherent, but a little hypothermic. Glad we found him - that's a big lake and it was cold last night. Real search and RESCUE! Way better than training!

    Now to do some video editing -after a spin ;-) of course ...

  5. Wow, Tom. How cool is that!? Kudos to you and your team for the job you guys do. I'm sure you gave that guy's family something to be thankful for as we head into the weekend.

    See you at the Belgium Club tomorrow?

  6. You betcha I'll be there!

    When's the cast/brace thing come off there KK?

  7. A few more weeks to go, but I started with rehab. I got the okay today to do some easy spinning on the trainer.

  8. HEY PARENTS ... I made a video remix of the Kids Bike Race and posted it here:


    It on my photobucket account. Enjoy!