Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting Back On The Horse

Rehab is a wonderful thing after an injury. It means things are getting better. It's means I can make friends with 'Black Beauty'. It means things are starting to be the way they're supposed to be.


  1. Nice. Especially the toy kitchen set in the background. That is more awesome than Steven Tyler could ever hope to be.

    Nov. 8 makes sense. Do the last race of the pre-season and get the rust out before the Nordic Cross season begins.

  2. Thanks for the affirmation. He fell off the stage...I fell off the bike. He has toys in the attic, but I have a toy kitchen in the basement.

    Yeah. I'm cool.

  3. Hilarious! Welcome back!

    Oh yeah ... you're cool KK ... really!?!

    So ... how long did you last on your chopper-trainer? Giddy up dude - Nov 8th soon!

  4. you know, at first I was getting a little uncomfortable watching the video (as you stroked the "Black Beauty"). maybe cause the sound was off on my computer... then half way through i turned the sound on and i was relieved it wasn't Barry White playing, so i finished watching. SWEET! i am a little surprised you don't wear the butter belt around the house though.

    glad you're on the mend my friend.

  5. nice.

    remember when I did my first race following my broken leg, a little tentative and a little slow, but just happy to get around the course - it felt great.

    rather see you on the course than marshaling

  6. Thanks, guys. It feels good to be on the bike trainer again (that's the road bike - Black Beauty was taken out back and shot).

    The Butter Belt appears in another home video, but YouTube refuses to host it on their servers. Something about decency laws.

    I'd like to do the Nov. 8th B race. Except for me it would be a ride, not a race...as long as I don't finish last.

  7. Yeah, a little disturbing. If you only look at the play kitchen background and you on the bike, you look HUGE!
    It will be good to have you on the bike again.
    Glad to hear you shot that horse.