Monday, October 26, 2009


The results are in and some of the photos have been developed. We kicked B Race ass again, but not so much in the A Race despite Mike's sprint-to-the-line-so-hard-you-puke finish. More to come.

More photos here.

Ooo...a stealy glare from the competition

Brad's dons his belligerent German alter ego to scare his rivals

Michelle running away with the women's B Race

Artur shakes Jeremy after Jeremy's barrier bungle

Big Mike attempts to SMASH Little Luc (courtesy of Garry Stewart)

Even in the Blue and Gold, Dave's never looked so good

Michelle takes the B Race and then the day's first door prize

Brad and his new donger, er, bell

Sorry DNF'd before I could get a photo of you.


  1. Mike, what happened to the big ring?

  2. Look deep into those suffering eyes.....
    those are pretty big rings right there I'd say...

  3. yeah Mike,

    you do look a little despairing...

    big rings. lol.