Monday, October 5, 2009

Cheaters Never Prosper???

Just found some interesting, albeit very discouraging, reading at cyclingnews. Apparently they've come up with a list of around 40 riders from the 2008(!) Tour who have been identified as having cheated. It's unbelievable to think that they'll nail the cheats a whole year after the fact. Crazy. That could completely mess with the top 10 placings for both the 2008 and 2009 Tours.

Following a link to a previously published article about 2 possible new drugs in the peloton I found this description of one of the drugs to be especially disconcerting...

The second drug that Bordry suspects is AICAR (aminoimidazole carboxamide ribonucleotide), or the so-called "exercise in a pill" which made news in 2008. Scientists discovered that in mice, the drug can boost endurance in the absence of actual training. The drug was found to convert fast-twitch muscle fibers to the more efficient slow-twitch fibers that benefit endurance athletes

OK, so now you can actually convert muscle fibres and the natural composition of said muscles? Scary.

Now, to a more serious matter. Will the 2009 Tour Fantasy Pool results be revisited if it turns out 40 of this years racers weren't eligible to compete????

Kidding. But seriously, how disillusioned would you be if Cobo were caught out as a cheater...(ok, you probably wouldn't be all that surprised, or disillusioned...) BUT, what if it were proven that members of the "clean" teams were caught out - Vandevelde for example. That might be tough to swallow.



  1. Hmmm...maybe it's a good thing Brad did not collect his beer yesterday from our bet. Should've taken the sure thing, Brad - now I'm gonna insist on hearing the results of this given both Contador and A. Schleck could be eliminated, and LA wins his 8th tour after all!

    Ya never know...stranger things have happened.

  2. I thought they were talking about 2008. Neither Contador nor LA were in that one.

  3. good point.

    For some reason I was thinking Contador won in '08, but of course, Astana was ineligible and it was '07 that he won.

    Who the heck won '08??? Oh yeah, that old Spanish guy, Sastre...

  4. Yeah, the other El Espanolito with easy access to meds.

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