Monday, October 5, 2009

Bourkvale CX—Race Report and FGD Challenge Update

The Bourkvale CX race, put on by our friends at, was the first cross race of the season that was accompanied by what die-hards would consider cross weather—grey skies, drizzle, and a high of 8 degrees.

RRR boasted a record turnout for 2009 as 7 riders came out to enjoy the course, test themselves, and challenge our FGBC rivals. This time around, the FGBC only had 10 riders registered.

The course was fast and a few slick corners made for a few entertaining/unfortunate wipe-outs. Thankfully, there were no broken bones to accompany to put a damper on the event although Lorno had to pull out after spraining his ankle in an awkward fall.

B Race
Impaler was gunning for a podium finish. With each lap, the Wheels of Justice and the Impaler were pushing their limits in efforts to twart each other. With the WoJ edging out the Impaler in a close finish, you can count on things heating up for the next showdown between those two. Artur made an impressive race debut and cracked the top 5. El Espanolito's busted cleat slowed him down somewhat, but it certainly helped him clip out for graceful, ballet-like dismounts. As noted earlier, Lorno had to pull out after a nasty spill. Up to that point he was in the mix and looked to be stronger on his old, squishy ride after the previous week's race. Michelle's second outing showed marked improvements in speed and technique. After finishing just 39 seconds behind Charlene, some extra-curricular dismount practice could be enough to turn the next race into an all-out, drag 'em down cat fight (sweet!).

A Race
Gilles and Mike contested the A Race, this time electing for a more conservative start after last week's off-the-front blitzkrieg/kamikaze lead-out. Yesterday demonstrated improvements over their Menno Cross performances—their skill at negotiating the barriers being the most noticeable. Tami's restraint from calling out "Let's see you commit!"—I wonder how many times she's said that to Mike?—on his remounts (okay, there's a 'twss' joke in there somewhere) was undoubtedly welcomed by Mike as his footwork looked almost as dainty as that of El Espanolito.

RRR ruled the kid's event with 6 of the 8 riders, Lorno's wee ones sweeping the podium. Alas, kids need to be kids; we don't want to subject them to petty rivalries...yet.

There's no second-guessing the FGBC's strength in the cyclocross season. They pedalled hard to podium representation in both adult races (well done, boys). The depth of its bench propelled the FGBC to be this week's victor by a score of 152-95. Overall, their lead in the FGBC Challenge extends to 262 points. Full race results here.

The following are a few of the moments I captured from the sidelines during the course of the afternoon. Unfortuantely, the combination of the super-fast A Race participants and my dead camera battery meant I didn't get too many good shots of the A Race. Fortunately, David Lipnowski was there with his camera. Check out his awesome shots, including one of our own Gilles showing some of his bike trickery, here. A few more pictures can be found over here.

the new wool jersey makes its race debut

The Impaler bearing down

Lorno before his DNF (how's the ankle, buddy?)

El Espanolito's little feet made quick work of the barriers

Artur's first bike impressive 5th place on platforms

Michelle lovin' every minute of it


  1. I checked out David's pictures on the link. Fantastic shots! It seems to me that there is a little too much fun going on. How many of those smiley faces and wheelies had a lunch encore? Not enough pain on those faces.

  2. Well, I can't match David's high quality pics, but I did post an update of my pics and some rough video clips to the TrgCoop msg brd at:

    Great race, enjoy the pics!

  3. who the heck is Artur?

    nice bike tilt over the barriers Lars.

  4. Artur is know, Michelle's running partner.