Monday, October 12, 2009

Bikes + Fun + Mud = SuperCross

A little late with posting the few photos I took, but hey, there was turkey and pumpkin pie to be had.

Congrats to RRR's Brad "The Impaler" for his podium finish in the B Race. He's been getting stronger in every race and with the anticipation of a Belgim beer side-bet with FGBC rival Cousin Adam, he was ready to make a statement. The statement was made, but Adam wasn't there to take note. Next week the Imapler will surely make his point once again.

Artur has also gotten stronger with each race...all 2 of them. Artur left enough in his tank to reel in the 1st place rider on the final lap and claim the overall B Race victory by a 10-second margin. It's hard to believe how good Artur looks on that sweet bike of after only his second race.

"El Espanolito" Larry put in another strong ride. With a few cross races under his belt now, and with a previously undiagnosed mechanical issue resolved, we anticipate our favourite weight weenie will continue edging his way up in the standings.

Michelle is another racer putting in the time required for continuous improvement on race day. Her dismounts no longer require brake-screeching stops. They're now a semi-fluid display of speed and agility. I know Michelle was disappointed not to see her long-legged FGBC competitor at SuperCross...we'll have to wait until Southern Cross to see those two square off.

I didn't get to watch Mike "The Bike" represent RRR in the A Race. Mike was sporting a new cyclocross rig. Some might be surprised to see someone who thinks "cross sucks" going out and buying a new frameset, but those of us who know Mike know there's not much that can stand between him and a new bike once he's had a taste of a new race discipline. Unfortunately, Mike flatted. He continued on and finished 16th. A flat tire with caked with sticky mud and cold hands simply isn't condusive to a top 10 finish. Before the flat, Mike looked to be in with some pretty fast company based on the video clips Tom K uploaded to the interweb.

A big thanks go out to Hal and Ian for putting on such a stellar event.

This is the view of Brad that most racers saw

Michelle rolled through to be the first female across the line, top 5 in the citizen class

El Espanolito smiled his was to a 7th place finish...not bad for a guy who doesn't like to get dirty

Artur's second race EVER saw him take the top podium spot.

Brad finished stong in 3rd place...RRR dominated the B Race

Muddy and still happy

Citizen class terrorists

That's they way a cx rig should look after a race

Mike and his new colour-coordinated wool and cx steed...they didn't stay clean for long

Here are a couple of video clops from Saturday's action. Click here for his complete set of SuperCross photos and video clips.

In the FGD Challenge, the FGBC overcame our strong B Race results (81-31 for RRR) with strong showings in the A Race (72-6 for the FGBC). Had Gilles or certain other RRR rider been able to compete, we might have taken the day. Fate, however, smiled again on the Dark Side; for them it was a 103-87 victory. Overall, their lead looks secure as we reach the half-way point in the cyclocross calendar. If RRR contiues its strong showings, however, the individual race results will keep the competition interesting.

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