Monday, October 12, 2009

Bike Shorts

The 2009 Bike Shorts Film Festival, a cross-Canada film event, hits Winnipeg on Oct. 20. Last year's festival featured several humourous and exciting clips. This year's screening includes Winnipeg Bike Shorts, which are Winnipeg-produced films, and a bike art display. If cycling is part of your life(style), you will dig it.

Tickets are $10, but seating is limited to 120. Full details here. Brought to you by Bike to the Future.

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  1. Bike Shorts Festival ... I will not likely be able to attend (probable flying that night), but it turns out I will be there via one of my videos!

    I got contacted a few days ago by Don E., one of the organizers of the Wpg Bike Shorts Festival and it turns out he likes my biking videos on my YouTube channel and wants one for the festival. So instead of just submitting one of them, I offered to make a compilation of 'Biking in/around Wpg'. I hope to capture some cool biking and good sights ... trails, parks, the Forks, the River Trail, all seasons, casual and maybe some race stuff as well (Ice Bike, Cross, etc). Hopefully snappy and fun to watch, with a good bit of helmet cam with riders in view and nice scenery pics as well.

    I am looking for ideas ... ???

    I just want to capture the 'good parts' of biking in Winnipeg and that we CAN ride all year!