Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Beautiful People

David Lipnowski has updated his blog with fantastic photos from Saturday's SuperCross race at the Belgium Club. Click here. Thanks again for sharing, David.

Also, Tom K of thetrainingcoop.com has put some hours into editing video footage from the Bourkvale kids race and B race. Thanks, Tom, for your efforts in providing us with some free enterainment.


  1. Man that David Lipnowski takes great pics!

    Hey KK, I finished the 'B' Race video and uploaded to my YouTube channel and embedded it into the TrgCoop race post. Same page you linked to above.
    Feel free to embed it here if you wish.

    It's been a fun way to practice my video editing and relive a great race.

  2. Thanks, Tom. I've added the B Race now that I'm not firewalled at work.

  3. Finally, the A Race video - last one done. Well, after I got around the YTube music copyright scanners. Posted here again:

    YTube link: