Friday, September 25, 2009

Sandilands Sweetness

Yesterday evening I had a chance to go ride out at Sandilands with a former colleague. I was pretty curious to see what the trails were like because since I'd last ridden there they'd had a serious forest fire. In response to the loss of trails, Steinbach's local biking contingent has put in time, with the help of IMBA, to create new trail. My thoughts? The trails we rode were so fun, I'd encourage everyone to give Sandilands a ride this Fall. That is, if you like rolling, forested, seemingly endless singletrack. Rides like yesterday make me realize that as much as I love all types of cycling, nothing compares to sweet, sweeping singletrack on a mountain bike. It didn't hurt that the weather was perfect and the mosquitos were manageable.

Now, we ran out of time and never did get out to the new trail they cut, which I've been told is in the vicinity of Suicide Hill (Sandilanders will likely know where that is, but I've never been). In any case, if you're interested in riding the trails, check out the map and friendly help at Pat's bikeshop, Body Driven Sports, on Main St. in Steinbach.

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