Sunday, September 13, 2009

Provincial Crit.

I love crits. It's too bad this is the only one I was able to do this year. The Mint is a nice course with some tight corners. All the better as far as I'm concerned. Flat. Curvy. (no references to any women here). Just my type.
Just before the race, I noticed my front tire was low- slow leak. Due to a rip/hole in the tire. I used a piece of gel packet to do the old patch the interior of the tire trick. It worked.
The 30-39 and 40-49 started together. A group of about 15. I was worried about the big group in the tight corners, so I hammered from the start line to be in front- at least for a few laps. After 2 laps, the group was down to 9 guys. 5 guys in my category. This was an okay size of group for the tight corners. Basically, it was single file through half of the course because of the corners. The start finish was right after the last tight corner- maybe 100yds from it. On the prime laps, it seemed that whoever was first before all the corners, was first at the line. That, and Don Swatzky is very fast. He would have won both primes, if it wasn't for a caught pedal on the last corner before the finish. He managed to get back to the group and eventually win the race.
As for me, I felt pretty good. I was only 2 guys back from Don on both prime laps, and I loved the corners- whereas most guys seemed a bit apprehensive about them.
Anyway. I was looking for a podium for the provincials in my group and thought my chances were pretty good. The last three laps were happening. On the 2nd last lap, we lapped a few guys, who decided to ride in the middle of our group. Not allowed. They joined the middle, and a gap started to open between the first 5 guys, and us 4 who were behind the join ins.
Coming in to the corners, I decided I needed to get past these guys and get up there before this lap was done (because of my previous observation of placing). I got past them, and started to get ahead of a few of our group. I cut tight in the corner just before the start finish, and both wheels slid out.
Luckily, nobody ran over me, and nobody else crashed due to my fall.
Unluckily, the group carried on, not waiting for me on the last lap.
I finished still. Bleeding and torn.
4th place.
Another of our group crashed on that same corner on the next lap and didn't finish. So I scored 4th. And I also scored a lot of road rash.
I still had a great time.
I love crits.


  1. Yes, there is a hole in my new shoes, and that is my hip in the middle picture.

  2. BTW

    Emily just wandered in, saw the road rash pics, she said "Oh no!" Made me chuckle.

  3. Mike, RRR's man of steel, does us proud again.

    Sorry to see/hear of your crash. Looks aweful - home you can sleep tonight and that you heal quickly.

    Again, good job Mike. It looks like it was a 19-0 day for us in the challenge.

  4. Good race man... I heard the scrape behind me.. and Rory dumped it front of me on the last corner final lap...

  5. OK, now Emily just prayed for "the boy from the bike race with the owies" before bed. I think your photos left an impression.

  6. I will sleep better tonight just knowing that KB..
    A few too many tumbles, hey campy.
    You did well- was that 1st or 2nd?

  7. What a sweetie. Emily, that is. Mike's a good guy, but I wouldn't call him a sweetie.

  8. Ouch. That looks nasty. Mike you are a stud.

    I am calling an end to club injuries effective immediately.