Monday, September 14, 2009

Lucky-13 Report

The good news? I managed to get over the barriers without any face plants. Excellent. That doesn't mean I didn't suck, just that I didn't hit the turf. I brought my mountain bike thinking we would be facing gnarly jumps and berms. Not like I would have ridden them anyway...

It was a good reminder that cross bikes roll faster on soft wet grass. The highlight of my race was starting ahead of certain 63 year old bike messenger, and when the inevitable pass came, I did manage to stay sort of close for a few laps. And then faded into oblivion. I managed to finish not last. And finished off my buggered up rear derailleur as a bonus. Any body have an XT derailleur collecting dust?

KK showed up to heckle and hobble around on his crutches. It was good to have some team support out there. Get better soon.

Congratulations to The Cricket who showed us all how it's done. Followed by Elvis Tristan, I think, and then I am not sure. I think somebody figured out the placings. Tenacious V took home the prize of the day, a one month supply of perogies, courtesy of Elvis. Very nice.

Many thanks to Luc, Johnny and Tristan. It was a fun course, complete with beer hand ups. Very nice touch on what turned out to be a hot afternoon. Post race cinnamon buns and Fort Garry sports drinks capped off a great afternoon. Thanks guys.

Photos courtesy of KK.

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  1. Look closely at that first picture of The Cricket. He isn't even breathing hard. Clear evidence of doping if ever I saw it.