Wednesday, September 9, 2009

FGD Challenge—One more crit to go

Last night's crit concluded this season's series at Assiniboine Park. Two opposing riders, Lars for RRR and Jonny G for the FGBC were there to contest the B race. The result? The same as last week—Lars in 5th and Jonny in 6th. According to Lars, Jonny would have passed him with about 10 more pedal revolutions, so it was another close finish between the Scott and Redline jockies.

The FGBC's lead in overall standings remains virtually unchanged despite the 18-16 RRR victory on the night. The next race on the calendar is Sunday's Provincial Crit out at the Mint. I suspect another scoreboard update will follow shortly thereafter.


  1. Nice work Larry. Keep the streak going. Next cross race for points on the 19th, tune up this Sunday. Cinnamon buns. Mmmmmm....

  2. Lucky-13 is at 2:00, which follows right after the provincial crit at the Mint (noon start)...points and then cinnabuns...mmmmmmm...

  3. Thanks Brad - at least I kept FGBC at bay. But dude, if you thought crit was sketchy, try doing it with a wet floor and some competitors that don't have to worry about getting to their jobs the next morning to support the family.

    Still, it was fun, and glad I did it. I'll show up at cross races whenever I am able, and Jane may ride now too. Can't make the provincial crit as that's too close to the bomber game (banjo bowl - I've got tix), but will try to make everything coming up when I am in town. I understand lucky 13 doesn't count for points, right?

    As an aside, Jonny and I both agree that this whole competition for points this year has been awesome, no matter what the outcome. I know I wouldn't have made a number of the races I did if it weren't for the competition, and that's what it's all about - getting us out there to race and have fun. I'm so pleased that this extra motivation was there this year - we absolutely have to do this again next year. It finally got me off my sorry a** to do some racing again.

    Now let's all go and kick some FG caboose!! They are lulled into thinking that cross is their domain, and they have smooth sailing ahead. Let's at least roughen the waters a bit - heck, let's rope-a-dope. We've got'em where we want'em now...