Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FGD Challenge Update

Three racers of note participated in last night's crit at Assiniboine Park. In white, representing RRR was Lars, while Chris H and Jonny G donned the FGBC black.

In the B race, Lars and Jonny duked it out to the end. Lars, making the most of the advantage granted by his carbon fiber featherweight steed over Jonny's CX racer, pipped Jonny to claim a top 5 finish. Jonny was 6th.

In the A race, Chris decided to make his criterium debut a memorable one. The youtube clip at FGBC's blog tells a tale of a thousand words. I give Chris an 'A' for effort; there are some really fast guys in that A race.

In the end, it's a small victory for RRR. At this point we're happy for "stage wins". Good job, Larry.

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