Monday, September 28, 2009

Cross Sucks!

Let me explain.
Cross sucks.

It's a bike race. All out, power ride till you puke. Just like mountain bike racing. Just like road racing.

Road racing, you can suck someone's wheel and recover, and still do pretty well.
Mt. bike, you go as hard as you can, if you see someone, awesome, but usually, you are on your own sucking wind.

Cross race- go as hard as you can, no recovery, you can see everyone else, and see how much sucking you are doing, plus, you have to get off the bike (?) and run- WTF! that isn't a bike race, it's some kind of an aborted triathalon.
And as for spectators- Sheesh- my own wife heckling me and making me crash on the last lap, losing 2 places-And WTF! All this talk of beer at cross races- hand ups and post ride recovery beverages- not a dark bevy to be found. Even the coke was all gone by the time I got there. 
(they had diet coke- but that spells "die" with a t....)

I thought that I was done suffering for the year, but I am rather competitive, and now I realize I need to start (yes start) training all over again. I have to get off my lazy ass, and ride. The season is not done, I'll bring my own beer next time, and leave my wife at home.(just kidding Tami :) )

KK does have a nice bike, and I think I saw a really nice cross frame at Olympia.......I did just get a full ultegra groupo......hmmmmm.............

I did taste the inside of my stomach on saturday,
I did like the short and twisty course
I did like the good turnout, and kids race and many extra's who came out to race (Kyle, Lorno, Emma and Callie, and Michelle)
Two of my kids raced (Solomon was the lanterne rouge- which is pretty cool)
I had T-bone steak and honey browns for supper
I loved heckling the FGBC guys in the B race. (hope nobody was offended)
The race was well organized and very well laid out. (Good job FGBC)

Racing sucks. It sucks me in. Now I have to compete.(and maybe get a new bike?)

So I'll see you at Bourkevale on Sunday.

(all pictures stolen from Kyle )


  1. A new CX frame?! Do it! Do it!

    All the cool kids are!

  2. Michelle has officially been sucked in my cyclocross, as well. She said she dreamed about it on Saturday night. And again on Sunday.

  3. This is incredibly accurate, Mike! I particularly liked the "aborted triathlon" comparison. ;)