Monday, September 21, 2009

Cross Newbie Initiation

Larry, Brad, KK and I had the opportunity to enjoy the weather and take part in a great day of cross racing Saturday. KK took pics and heckled, while the rest of the RRR contingent raced in the B race. For Larry and me, it was our first ever cross race. All in all, RRR didn't embarrass themselves, which is good. In fact, Brad showed that all the moaning about how slow, fat and old he is total rubbish. But, we all knew that.

El Espanolito displays his fleet form. No chemical help required, or so he says.

I didn't stay in front of Brad for long.

Lot's of grass...

Pretty much I'm flying here...

Here are some pics from our hated rivals and arch enemies. Grrrrr. we hate them...

No mistaking that helmet. Johnny G.

The Dark Horde's Emperor

Good times.


Here are a few more photos courtesy of our friend Kevin B.

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  1. That was fun. Even heckling, thanks to good racing and Holsten Festbock.