Friday, August 21, 2009

FGD Update—Post TTT

Last night's inclement weather could hardly dampen the competitive spirit of both the RRR and FGBC clubs. Olympia, however, who asked to field a team and join in on our rivalry for this one event was nowhere to be seen, and to this point, very quiet with any sort of explanation for their absence. The only explanation we can surmise: they’re yellow. Don’t let the powder blue jerseys fool you.

Now for what really matters. Minutes before the start of the event, the race organizers amended the required number of laps, cutting it from 3 to 2 due to the imminent rain and threat of lightening. No one complained.

FGBC was the second or third team out, launching a massive attack from the start line—probably hoping to escape the fast-approaching rainstorm only to realize the course is a loop (had they practiced earlier in the week they would have known this fact). RRR was the next team out and just as we rolled from the start line the sky opened. It was a very wet ride to say the least.

The white freight train finally caught the black FGBC express about one-third into the second lap after the long, gradual climb at the east end of the park. The boys in black had done pretty well to this point actually, as they had lost a member about half way through lap 1. It wasn’t too long after the catch that we lost one of our own riders. FGBC surged in the final stretch to make back some time on us, but dropped their all-important third rider and had to hold up. In the end, RRR finished 3rd and the FGBC 4th.

The net effect of these finishes on the FGD Challenge standings was minimal. RRR maintains a slim 4-point lead.

There's still lots of riding still to do in August:


  1. Hey KK and RRR gang,
    Sorry for the delay in getting my pics and video up online, but if you check out my trgcoop post all will be revealed:

  2. Tom - awesome job - thanks for getting some great footage and photos! I especially liked the one of the red white and blue train flying by (glad you got that before I got dropped...makes me look stronger than I was).

    Thanks for posting so quickly, too. Is there any trick to downloading the video clips?

    Great ride, everyone - that was a blast.

  3. Yeah, good job Tom. Thanks for a great team race boys. I had a blast. The rain just intensified the good time. Loved it!

  4. Thanks Tom! Great pictures. I'm on dial-up over the weekend, so I'll have to wait until Sunday night to re-live it all with your videos.

    Sorry you didn't get to race, but it was great to see you out.