Saturday, August 29, 2009

FGD Challenge Update—Post Provinicial ITT

Mike did us proud again by taking second place in his category at the Provincial Individual Time Trial. Good performance, Mike!

It's not confirmed, but it's suspected that no FGBC riders took part in today's race against the clock. So, unless we're wrong, today's race gives us a 22-0 win for the day. In the overall, RRR's advantage is extended to 37 points, but that will likely change after tomorrow's start to the cyclocross season.

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  1. So you killed and skinned a bear? Does bear mean something else? You kill a bear that was chasing you on the highway and you take a picture of a grass stuffed tire (which doesn't work)? Mmmm.
    Sounds like you're having a great time, and/or you have a lot of time to come up with fantastic stories.