Thursday, August 27, 2009

FGD Challenge Update

There's been a couple events since the last update - the first of the fall crits and the Eddy Merckx ITT.

Though not the only to show up, Jonny G was the only FGD Challenge participant to actually race in Tuesday night's crit. His 3rd place finish was good for 20 more points to the FGBC's total. That put them up by 16 points overall.

Last night, only RRR riders chose to participate in the Eddy Merckx "retro rules" ITT. Mike, who finished in 4th, and Brad, who hung on to a top 10 placement, stepped up to help RRR reclaim the overall lead by scoring a total of 31 points.

With just a 15-point variance, I present today's scoreboard:

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