Thursday, August 13, 2009

FGD Challenge Update

Race #6, last night's conclusion to the Wednesday Night Race Series, and the 2-up TTT resulted in some good finishes for RRR.

Gilles, who steadily climbed in the race-to-race results in the WNRS put in a stellar showing by claiming the top podium spot in the Expert category. In the Comp competition, I held on to 3rd spot despite some shifting issues and my frequent run-ins with trees (man, if only I could cleanly ride that twisty stuff).

Over in the 2-up TTT event, Mike found a partner at the race—I think it was one of Cousin Adam's pubescent rivals—and pulled hard for a 4th place finish. This was enough to put him in the money and win back his entry fee. Nice.

Our friendly rivals in black had mixed results ranging from a 1st place finish to a DNF. Leanne claimed the overall title in the women's Comp category with another victory for a 4-0 record. Craig put in another strong effort with a top-5 finish that was less than a minute off the podium. The heat and humidity, combined with his thermal knee-high socks, seemed to impede Chris' ability to get a good spin going. Ever a fighter, he soldiered on to earn a good number of points. It's always great to see Penner out for a race, so it was truly unfortunate that he couldn't finish the race with a cracked frame that had disaster written all over it—too bad.

Cousin Adam, perhaps fearing he’d get teamed up with one of those fiendish, pubertal riders elected to stay home and make blender drinks in the sun. It’s unconfirmed if said beverages were garnished with those tiny umbrellas, but we have our suspicions.

After the dust settled, the contest looks like this:

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