Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 25, 2009: Bad Things in 3s

Yesterday I awakened with the usual excitment saved only for Tuesdays. First, Monday is over; that's a good thing. Second, there's the weekly TNR ritual with the FGBC brethern. And, on this particular Tuesday, the first of the fall crit races.

Despite all the good in store for the day, things went didn't start off on the right note. Soon after putting on a pot of coffee I realized my weekend at the cottage had exposed me to lots of poison ivy. Both legs, both forearms, and several knuckles were burning with little red blisters. Great! The scalding hot water treatment did the trick again and gave me reprieve for most of the day.

The rest of the day was uneventful, if not a productive day at work. The poison ivy took a back seat to my daydreaming of racing in my first-ever crit race. How would I do? What would the competition be like after they combined the different categories into A and B fields? Would anybody from the FGBC be there to contest my dream of earning some big points towards the FGD Challenge? Time would tell in just a few short hours.

Having not raced in a road event this year, I arrived early to sign-in and get a number. Shortly after my arrival I was told the race was cancelled due to an oil slick on the course. "What? You got to be kidding me!" Apparently I had wrestled with butterflies all day for nothing. I called up Larry to inform him of the cancellation and save him a trip across the city before riding home to salvage some time with the kids before their bedtime. Poison ivy and now a cancelled race...grrr.

Well, at least the TNR will prove to be what salvages a disappointing evening, right? Things started off on a slow and casual note, which was cool. Lots of guys were out, so it was fun to chat and talk about the upcoming cyclocross season and watch young Luc and Johnny M taunt fate with their bike antics (I recall Brad and me saying they're asking for a wipeout). Soon we found ourselves following big Tom K's lead as he navigated us through what he's planned out for the Bourkevale/Bruce Park cyclocross race. I remember thinking "Cool...can't wait to race this in a few weeks" as we approached a set of stairs going downhill. A few went to the right of the stairs, but I figured the left side was just as good and did my own thing. The next thing I know I was gaining lots of speed, and then sliding down the wet, grassy downhill on my side. Catching the tip of my right shoe while sliding on my right side, my foot was suddenly pointing uphill after an audible "pop". Apart from pain, I don't recall too much of what happened from that point. I was surely in a state of shock as I barely remember smiing for any of Chris' post-crash photos.

What I do remember, however, was Jonny G informing me that the cirt race had indeed taken place earlier in the evening and that he finished a very respectable 3rd in the B race to push the dark side ahead in the FGD Challenge (thanks Jonny...what a great guy for adding insult to injury). Not only had I curtailed my TNR with an unfortuante twist of fate (Luc and Johnny M rode home in one piece as far as I know), but the most anticpated part of my day went on without me.

Poison ivy...a "cancelled" race...and a crippling injury—it sucks to be me.

I spent this morning at the Pan Am Clinic where it was discovered that I have a non-weight bearing fracture (fibula, not the tibia thank goodness) and two ligamental fractures.

The estimated 6 weeks of recovery means I'll miss most of the CX season—an absolute bummer after my spring cyclocross bike purchase. I'm disappointed to say the least, but I guess that leaves me to shoot video and heckle like these guys (you don't have to watch the entire clip to get the idea).


Thanks to the TNR gang for hanging around as I tried to compose myself and for the good-natured ribbing. A very special thanks goes to Tom K for time trialing back to his place to get his Jeep so I could have a ride home.

Now where'd I put those T3s?


  1. oh...there's the x-rays. crap. well there's always...crap. it could have been...crap. it'll be a great story to tell your...crap.

    you know kk...this just sucks no matter how you look at it. just heal fast and race me. this is my best chance to beat you all year.

  2. Thanks Jonny. The best thing to do with crap like this is laugh at it. One day in, and so far so good.

    I look forward to heckling you in your darkest CX moments.

  3. That sucks! A trifecta of crappy.
    Sorry to hear about your string of bad luck.
    Keep your chin up,

  4. Hey Kev, sorry to hear you fractured your fibula ... I knew your ankle was ok, but you never know with non-weight bearing fractures - crap! When I saw how much pain you were in as I helped you hobble into your house, I knew my earlier hope of no breaks was suspect. Glad you went to the Pan-Am right away today.

    Thanks for the beer. Get better and see ya at the CX races.

  5. Thanks Tom. You were a big, big help last night. I think the adrenaline was wearing off when I got home last night. There's no way I could have made it home on my own.

    I'll hopefully see you at the klubhaus next week.

  6. Hey JS - check your email.

  7. I was up late tonite and a little bored, so I made a full TNR report on the Trg Coop msg board called KK's Banana-Bike Split ...

  8. Nice going KK. Now it's me versus the dark hordes for the rest of the season. Little Spaniard it's time to step up!

    Mike and I did the Eddie Merckx TT last nite to give us what will likely be our last lead of the season. For some insane reason I filled in 'Cat 4' on my license application in spring.

    I know some Cat 4 racers, and I sir, am no Cat 4 racer. So dead last it was. I think I am still a bit tired from riding 750 kms last week. And, I am just plain slow at the best of times.

  9. I hope you got your results, Brad. The MCA website remains a black hole. In fact, it's blacker than ever. If we have to wait for results to be posted there, The Challenge will end up being suspended due to lack of information.

    Wait a minute. This whole thing with the results not being posted wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the RRR, would it? I know you guys don't want to lose and all. It's all coming together now. And you've paid off that disgraced former FGBC'er Halberto to make all sorts of empty promises about solutions being worked on in order to deflect attention from your sordid scheme. Clever. Very clever.

  10. beer an T3's should make 6 weeks feel like a couple days....heal up quick feller!

  11. Sabotaging the MCA website? Such a devious idea could only come from one known as Dr. Divisive.

    Thanks, Paddy. Beer and T3s are a great way to "work" from home.

  12. Heal fast KK. I'm a little disappointed that I had to go to another site to see that my chopper was to blame (actually I got it from Larry so he's to blame). Those old knobbies don't grip too well when they've been subjected to 30 years of driveway skids. Congrats on having the cojones to pilot that tank further than I ever dreamed it would travel, bonus marks for not bottoming out the suspension like my lard butt would (and did).

  13. I think Mike was 3rd and I was 10th in Cat 4.

  14. I feels it's the bike's fault, but I feel stupid for taking that bike out in the first place, so I elected to leave that part out of the story. I was checking out the rubber yesteday afternoon and they were probably the worst tires one could have for the wet conditions where the crash occured.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.