Monday, July 20, 2009

FGD Challenge Update

With yesterday's WhitesHELL Endro in the books, it's time to update the FGD Challenge scoreboard. FGBC fielded a strong team of three while only two RRR racers made the trip east to West Hawk Lake. Final score for the day: 120 - 71 in favour of FGBC. In the overall standings it's still a close race with only a difference of 19 points.

The race was a lot of fun—special thanks go out to Chris, Bill, Paul, and others who had a hand in organinzing the event. Check out FGBC's WhitesHELL Endro Report for more.

Looking at the week ahead
After WhitesHELL, there's apparently no rest for the wicked with last week's Grass Track Race rescheduled for Wednesday, July 22. We're just a few hours away from more pain. Well, what doesn't kill you will only make you stonger. Speaking of strength, look for strong representation from RRR on Wednesday.

Sunday is the Provincial road race in Holland. Both Mike and Ricco Deuce (with his sweet Quickstep team bike) will be flying the white, red, and blue, so RRR will again have an opportunity to edge ahead of our friendly FGBC rivals.

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