Thursday, July 9, 2009


You all knew this one was coming- just who would post it first. Thor SMASHED today (thank you). He is in my pool, so that makes me a happy man. So maybe the RRR jerseys might want to resemble the cervelo team a bit- SMASH SMASH SMASH!!!
Much like the SMASHING of the FGBC last night. Hmmmm.......


  1. Very nice.

    Yes, what was once cited by some as the sweetest jersey in the peloton now looks more like the RRR jersey...espcially an early draft of a new design. Go figure.

    Thor SMASH is awesome.

  2. Mike, I have him as well - looks good for RRR points, eh? I was 5th after yesterday, looks like I may move up further. We're gonna take this competition - especially when LA takes GC!

  3. Scmalz put it best:

    Thor SMASH still hanging in there. Uphill no less!

    The anti_SMASH Freire is right there also.

    Look at that!!!!


    Did Thor just win an uphill finish? Are you kidding me? I'm swooning right now.

    Larry you're funny. LA taking over the GC. Two words: Free. Beer.

    For me.

  4. That's four words. Only the first two count, and you were saying them to me.

    Thanks for conceding this early - honestly, I thought it would take until the champagne on Champs Elysees before you'd admit your grave miscalculation...

    Now repeat after me - no one has ever bet against LA and won.