Friday, July 3, 2009

FGD Challenge Update

The recently posted results of Tuesday night's Assiniboine Park crit confirm Larry's 4th place showing at his first-ever road bike race. Not bad for the first time out. WTG, Larry.

If you needed a little more motivation to get up for Reach The Beach, this should do it. RRR is down by only 16 points in the FGD Challenge. With what sounds like a larger RRR showing at Sunday's race (worth double points), hopes are high that we can re-take the lead. However, if rumours that FGBC's Lethbridge chapter will be lining up at the start line hold true, then nothing can be taken for granted. We'll see...I'm a VW fan, but that's a long trip for a Westy.

Larry at the June 30 crit (photo courtesy of David Lipinowski)

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