Friday, July 24, 2009

FGD Challenge Update

The finalized results of Wednesday's Grass Track event have just come in. RRR came out ahead on the night 40-24 in the FGD Challenge. Considering only Chris and Jonny G were representing FGBC, the score could have been more lop-sided. Well done, boys— you did well to minimize your losses.

Overall in the challenge, we're back to a neck-in-neck race with only a 3-point variance. Who would have thought it'd be so tight at this point in the season? It just goes to show how motivating a case of beer can really be.

With points on the brain, expectations for the weekend are running high in the RRR camp. Both the Provincial Road Race on Sunday and the conclusion of FGBC's Tour de France pool provide RRR with opportunities to overtake the lead. Oh, the excitement! It's almost enough to make one wish it was already Monday.

For now, here's the scoreboard.


  1. Good luck in Holland boys. I will try to hang on to my podium spot in the pool. Much better odds than my real race contributions.