Thursday, July 9, 2009

Post-WNS #4 FGD Challenge Update

Wednesday night’s race was again well attended by RRR members. While we certainly missed Deuce, we still had five riders out, while FGBC had just three.

Regardless of team colours, those of us who raced in Sunday’s Reach The Beach enduro suffered from heavy leg syndrome and from the post-race stories, a few crashes as well. However, Gilles—who also rode on Sunday—escaped unscratched and raced to a podium finish in the expert category. I guess heavy leg syndrome doesn’t affect the young.

This time around RRR managed to capitalize on its ridership advantage over FGBC as there were no DNFs—what a concept. We out-scored them 81-51 on the night and expand our lead (for now) in the FGD Challnge aka the Red River Rivalry. Next Wednesday's installment of the Grass Track Race series provides the next opportunity to earn points.

WNR #4 Results
WNR #4 Photos courtesy of Dave Benson

Note: The RTB results have been updated since our previous scoreboard update. It seems the commissionaire forgot to include his own son in the results. Two riders from RRR and one FGBC were impacted by the revision (minus 2 points for RRR, minus 1 point for FGBC). Taking this revision into account, both clubs were actually tied before last night’s race.

A few photos of RRR in action last night (more photos found in the link above)...

Had to include this one...this is why we love Johnny—he's always smiling, even when it sucks

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