Tuesday, July 7, 2009

457 kms/day — Arvid Loewen's Tour For Life

Most of us, in the RRR club anyway, are familiar with Winnipeger Arvid Loewen. Ultra long distance rider, RAAM racer, humanitarian...lots can be said of Arvid.

Well, if you didn't know already, he's riding 457 kms each day for 23 consecutive days (July 4 - 26) out at BHP. And you thought those Tour de France riders were tough! Arvid's feat works out to 400 hours on the bike. He really is a man of steel. (Brad can insert his "Buns of Steel" joke here.)

Why is he doing this? He's hoping to raise enough support to pay for food for 2013 children for one year through financial contributions to Mully Children's Family Charitable Foundation—a dynamic orphanage in Kenya, Africa seeking to save street children from the slums of Africa.

During the few hours each day that Arvid's not on the bike and his family's not providing support, they've found the time to blog about Arvid's ride. You can check out his blog or make an online donation here.

Good luck Arvid! I hope to ride a few laps with you before you're done.

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  1. I got to ride with Arvid for a few K on saturday morning coming back from Lockport. He wasn't soft pedaling either. I think he does a few trips out to Lockport in the mornings- starting at 5am.
    He was on his second trip back when joined up.
    Good Luck Arvid.
    Oh, he said he's a firm believer in eating the grease midday- KFC especially!!