Thursday, July 30, 2009

FGD Challenge Update

After yesterday's race #5 of the Wednesday Night Race Series, it's time to update the scoreboard. I was hoping to see results of Sunday's Provincial road race in time for this update, alas the race results from some races seem to be posted much faster than others—extra points to Kevin B and his team for always posting race results in a very punctual manner.

Our friendly FGBC rivals turned out en masse last night...maybe even in record numbers, while RRR representation at the Wednesday night series was at an all-time low.
Said one, two, three, four, five against one
Five, five...five, five...five against one.
One, two, three, four, five against one
Five, five...five, five...five against one.
The results from last night work out to a 70-20 advantage for the boys in black. With the FGBC's Tour de France pool results also factored into the update, here's the current scoreboard.

Another update will be made once Sunday's results are posted.

He's Okay!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Road stem for sale

Bought this stem off ebay and realized that I don't need it. It's brand new. I paid 65.99USD plus shipping.

Selling for $70. open to offers.
specs: 120 mm
-82 degree rise
-31.7mm handlebar
-28.6 mm steerer
Will consider trade for road tires.
- Chris D -

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sour Grapes, Toto Style

"Hmpf! I'm not your friend anymore."

Friday, July 24, 2009

FGD Challenge Update

The finalized results of Wednesday's Grass Track event have just come in. RRR came out ahead on the night 40-24 in the FGD Challenge. Considering only Chris and Jonny G were representing FGBC, the score could have been more lop-sided. Well done, boys— you did well to minimize your losses.

Overall in the challenge, we're back to a neck-in-neck race with only a 3-point variance. Who would have thought it'd be so tight at this point in the season? It just goes to show how motivating a case of beer can really be.

With points on the brain, expectations for the weekend are running high in the RRR camp. Both the Provincial Road Race on Sunday and the conclusion of FGBC's Tour de France pool provide RRR with opportunities to overtake the lead. Oh, the excitement! It's almost enough to make one wish it was already Monday.

For now, here's the scoreboard.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

GTGT—Grass Track Good Times

What a great night of riding in circles. With 10 guys out and the track conditions about as good as we could wish for, it was a recipe for fun, sweat, and pain (not necessarily in that order). Racing followed up with a pint at the Belgim Cub...what could be more satisfying? Check out the FGBC blog for a few more details.

Official scoring for the event is still being tabulated, but preliminary results give RRR the upper hand in the night's earnings towards FGD Challenge.

preliminary results

Special thanks go out to Gianni for organizing and putting together a great series of solo and group races and to Charlene for helping out with the time-keeping and her cheers of encouragement.

Until the scoreboard update, here's some pics to keep you happy.

Steve—too fast with his aero helmet to be caught on camera

And the winner is...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dirty Danilo

This just in - The AP reports that Danilo Di Luca has tested positive for EPO use during this year's Giro.

Allegedly, he tested positive in two tests on May 20 and May 28. The UCI has provisionally suspended "The Killer".

What a "merda".

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poor Jens

Jens, RRR HC candidate, went down hard today. The good news is he escaped with only a concussion and some road rash. It could have been much worse.


Pewwww - making like a Giesbrecht to twart the competition moments before the crash

As The Toto Turns

Monday, July 20, 2009

FGD Challenge—Group & Individual Stats

Who's putting out and who should step up? The answers are below (as at July 20). Stats include Giro d'Italia Pool results.

FGD Challenge Update

With yesterday's WhitesHELL Endro in the books, it's time to update the FGD Challenge scoreboard. FGBC fielded a strong team of three while only two RRR racers made the trip east to West Hawk Lake. Final score for the day: 120 - 71 in favour of FGBC. In the overall standings it's still a close race with only a difference of 19 points.

The race was a lot of fun—special thanks go out to Chris, Bill, Paul, and others who had a hand in organinzing the event. Check out FGBC's WhitesHELL Endro Report for more.

Looking at the week ahead
After WhitesHELL, there's apparently no rest for the wicked with last week's Grass Track Race rescheduled for Wednesday, July 22. We're just a few hours away from more pain. Well, what doesn't kill you will only make you stonger. Speaking of strength, look for strong representation from RRR on Wednesday.

Sunday is the Provincial road race in Holland. Both Mike and Ricco Deuce (with his sweet Quickstep team bike) will be flying the white, red, and blue, so RRR will again have an opportunity to edge ahead of our friendly FGBC rivals.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Win a Cervelo

Sign up fellows.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Knee Troubles?

If any of you experience problems with cycling related knee pain, this may be for you. I recently got a pair of Speedplay road pedals, and I just have to spread the good word about how they've helped alleviate a chronic ache I've had in my left knee. The reason for their knee friendliness is that they have a crazy amount of float. So much so, it kind of feels like your pedalling on an ice cube. But, after a short break-in period, that sensation ceases to be an issue. Another big plus to the Speedplay road pedals is that you can click in from two directions, so there's no need to flip your pedals to engage them. Nice.

Editor's note: this article respectfully submitted by Deuce Ricco

Today's Grass Track Race Postponed

As per Gianni, today's grass track event has been put back a week due to soggy conditions

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Good Cause - looking for bikes for people...

Hi everyone.  I'm writing on here so that more people will hopefully see this.  I'm hoping to find a few bikes that people are no longer using but are still useable or serviceable to become reliable.

Some of you have heard about this from me before - I've noticed a need for good reliable bikes for patients at my hospital (the majority are outpatients - not hospitalized).  One of my key messages to all my patients is that exercise can be AS BENEFICIAL as medication in terms of treating depression and anxiety (there are studies that show this in a dramatic way).  Exercise  is also very helpful for other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.  Well, as you may know, many of these people can not afford to purchase their own sports equipment, but lots of people that I've seen would use cycling as a means of transportation as well as good exercise if they had the resources.  

So, I'm trying to find bicycles that still have some life left in them - I'm hoping to find a variety of sizes, primarily mountain bikes or hybrids for ease of use.  I would hope they would be fairly reliable - not everyone is as adept at bicycle repair as those of us that are passionate about cycling, so reliability is a big plus.

This has already started, and there are a few patients that now have bikes to ride.  I'm hoping to expand it - think of it as a miniature "Bike Town" for those of you that read Bicycling magazine.  Immediate needs are for a very large bicycle to fit a person that is roughly 6'6" - this would be used for primary transportation as well.  The other need I'm aware of is for a cruiser-type bike - an adult bike with a coaster brake.  This would be for someone around 5'8" or so, but those bikes are a lot more flexible in sizing, I imagine.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out there, if anyone has a bike they no longer need.  If it is something that has significant worth, there would be an option to have one of the LBS's in Winnipeg provide an assessment (I don't know how they feel about that, I haven't asked, but I suspect when they know it is for a good cause then a bike shop owner won't mind taking a quick look at a bike to give a good estimation of worth and writing it down).  My understanding is that if this is done on the shop's letterhead, or some way to identify it as legitimate, then we may be able to obtain a tax receipt for the estimated value.  No guarantees, but I believe this will be an option.  It would be a good idea to have the serial number written on the estimate if going this route, I would think.

So that's it - hopefully this will drum up some awareness out there.  Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Grass Track Wednesday

Due to the forecasted rainy conditions, Wednesday's grass track race, scheduled to commence at 7:00 (6:30 warm-up laps), may be cancelled lest the grass field be wrecked for all future grass track events .

Gianni, Grass Track Czar, will evaluate the conditions @ 2:00 on Wednesday and will make the executive decision regarding that night's race. Check back for an update regarding the race's status.

A reminder to RRR members - the grass track races are included in the FGD Challenge. Our FGBC rivals took full advantage of our lackluster attendance at the last grass track race...let's not let that happen again. Come out, come out wherever you are!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I See It Every Day...E-v-e-r-y Day!

Danger and Distraction
Jens Voigt (at his classic best) and others discuss the aspects of the Tour de France -- other than the grueling mountains and furious sprints -- that challenge their patience and focus. Click here.

Jens was at his best today. He didn't win, but was in the breakaway and then went into his super domestique role going back to team cars for water and then pulling A. Schleck back to the main group just a few kms from the finish. Like Phil said today, "big motor, and a big heart".

Saturday, July 11, 2009


The man from Manx is just a man. I am the God of Thunder!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Drama to unfold!

Hinault tells Contador to attack Armstrong
Published: Thursday, 9 July 2009, 3:48PM
Five-time Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault believes Alberto Contador should attack Lance Armstrong on Friday's mountain stage and cement his leadership of Astana.

Hinault, 54, said Friday’s gruelling stage between Barcelona and Andorra-Arcalis could settle the issue of who leads the Astana team - if Spaniard Contador takes the initiative.

“If I were Contador, I would attack Armstrong tomorrow in the climb to Arcalis to set the record straight and show him who's the boss," Hinault said.

"To me, Contador is the natural team leader. He won the last three big Tours he entered and we don't know what Armstrong is really worth. We'll know tomorrow but for the time being, I believe Contador is stronger.”

Armstrong leads Contador by 19" in the GC, but Hinault believes the Spaniard has been treated unfairly by his team.

“I don't think Astana have been very fair on Contador. They hired him as their team leader and then out of the blue, they tell him, now you have to team up with Armstrong," Hinault said.

"Then they kept criticizing him every time he faltered, like in Paris-Nice. It's not a great way to treat your leader," he added.


You all knew this one was coming- just who would post it first. Thor SMASHED today (thank you). He is in my pool, so that makes me a happy man. So maybe the RRR jerseys might want to resemble the cervelo team a bit- SMASH SMASH SMASH!!!
Much like the SMASHING of the FGBC last night. Hmmmm.......

Post-WNS #4 FGD Challenge Update

Wednesday night’s race was again well attended by RRR members. While we certainly missed Deuce, we still had five riders out, while FGBC had just three.

Regardless of team colours, those of us who raced in Sunday’s Reach The Beach enduro suffered from heavy leg syndrome and from the post-race stories, a few crashes as well. However, Gilles—who also rode on Sunday—escaped unscratched and raced to a podium finish in the expert category. I guess heavy leg syndrome doesn’t affect the young.

This time around RRR managed to capitalize on its ridership advantage over FGBC as there were no DNFs—what a concept. We out-scored them 81-51 on the night and expand our lead (for now) in the FGD Challnge aka the Red River Rivalry. Next Wednesday's installment of the Grass Track Race series provides the next opportunity to earn points.

WNR #4 Results
WNR #4 Photos courtesy of Dave Benson

Note: The RTB results have been updated since our previous scoreboard update. It seems the commissionaire forgot to include his own son in the results. Two riders from RRR and one FGBC were impacted by the revision (minus 2 points for RRR, minus 1 point for FGBC). Taking this revision into account, both clubs were actually tied before last night’s race.

A few photos of RRR in action last night (more photos found in the link above)...

Had to include this one...this is why we love Johnny—he's always smiling, even when it sucks

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

457 kms/day — Arvid Loewen's Tour For Life

Most of us, in the RRR club anyway, are familiar with Winnipeger Arvid Loewen. Ultra long distance rider, RAAM racer, humanitarian...lots can be said of Arvid.

Well, if you didn't know already, he's riding 457 kms each day for 23 consecutive days (July 4 - 26) out at BHP. And you thought those Tour de France riders were tough! Arvid's feat works out to 400 hours on the bike. He really is a man of steel. (Brad can insert his "Buns of Steel" joke here.)

Why is he doing this? He's hoping to raise enough support to pay for food for 2013 children for one year through financial contributions to Mully Children's Family Charitable Foundation—a dynamic orphanage in Kenya, Africa seeking to save street children from the slums of Africa.

During the few hours each day that Arvid's not on the bike and his family's not providing support, they've found the time to blog about Arvid's ride. You can check out his blog or make an online donation here.

Good luck Arvid! I hope to ride a few laps with you before you're done.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Reach The Beach 2009

One couldn't order much better better weather for 2009's installment of the Reach The Beach enduro race. The winds were light, if there was any at all, and the heat wasn't as unbearable as some years in the past.

Starting out this year from Beausejour required a little more logistical planning and coordination. RRR's Chief Logistics Officer, Mike, arranged for a flat-bed trailer and a van to get the team to the starting line in time. Thanks, Mike—Coach Dave could learn a thing from Mike about getting to the race on time.

RRR had a strong showing of riders: Mike, Brad, Chris, Gilles, Dennis (all the way from Toronto to join the race), and me. FGBC had a smaller showing, but was pound-for-pound ready for a showdown. Their roster included Paddy and Naomi from Lethbridge, Dr. H., and Cousin Adam.

After a controlled start leading the field out from Beausejour and across Hwy 44, the pace quickened. I eventually found myself passing Lindsay who said "I know what's up ahead. I'm not going to kill myself right now." I started to second-guess myself a bit with as I tried to keep pace with the group, but feeling pretty good (so far), I continued on.

The rest of the race went pretty much as it had in my previous RTB races. Feeling like I was making pretty good time, I found myself at checkstops 1 and 2 wihtout a huge need to stop except to refill the water bottle and grab a banana at checkstop 2. It was shortly after the creek crossing that the deep sand started to wear me down. I wasn't hurting, but there wasn't nearly as much power going into the pedals anymore. Furtunately I happened upon the support vehicle, just a short distance from Hwy 59, as it was trying to make its way to where checkstop 3 was supposed to be. Grabbing a banana, Mike suddenly appeared at my side. Finally someone to ride with!

Mike and I worked together, each taking pulls until we reached the old railroad bed in Belair. Still not quite having the jam to push through the soft sand, Mike pulled ahead...I'd start to catch him every time the ground got less sandy, but there was more sand than hardpack all the way to the Lester Beach end of the Grand Beach course. While I got a second wind on the Grand Beach course, it was too little too late, but it didn't matter...a lawn chair and a cold one were just minutes away.

Final RRR results: 129 points Mike - 7th, KK - 8th, Gilles - 20th, Chris - 25th, Brad - 27th, Dennis - 30th

Final FGBC results: 112 points Paddy - 1st, Dr. H. - 11th, Naomi - 16th, Adam - 34th

Full results

The strong showing from FGBC's out-of-towners mitigated the damaged we had hoped to dole out. Yet again our strength in numbers failed to inflict the a mighty blow in the FGD Challenge. It's hard to believe that after all the racing so far this season the clubs are only seperated by 1 point. In two days' time we will wage friendly battle again. "Excitement" barely sums it up.

Speaking of the out-of-towners, RRR collectively determined both Paddy and Naomi should jointly be awarded the 2009 RTB Speedo Award of Honour for their outstanding achievements and efforts to quelch RRR's results attend the race.

Kudos to Lindsay, Colin and all the volunteers who made the race great. Thanks to KK Sr. for the timechecks, encouragment and photos throughout the day and thanks also to Loren who provided team support and transportation.

Hey look! The fuzz is pulling someone over. It's Dorning!

Gilles riding with Lindsay

Checkstop 1—Chris gives the thumbs up in his first RTB

Checkstop 2—Chris still gives the thumbs up

The best part of the day

RRR at RTB 2009 (Paul vicariously present)