Thursday, June 25, 2009

WNR #3—A Bitter-Sweet Night For RRR.

The Sweet: We had a season-high 6 riders out at the same time. We heard a few names called out during the roll call that we haven't heard in a while, most noteably Chris and Larry—good to have you guys back. Mike, Gilles, Brad, and I also lined up for what started out as a hot night of racing on a fast and dusty course.

The Bitter: Mike and I both DNF'd. Mike had a flat (and no spare tube) on lap 1 which left him walking through the PI from the farthest point on the course back to the parking lot. Shortly into lap 2, my chain somehow managed to kink itself in two spots, leaving me with a multi-link corkscrew that couldn't be overcome without that chain tool I left at home. Things went from bad to worse as post-ride festivities were dampened by driving rain and falling temps. Things could have been worse as we all finished in one piece...special get well wishes to Rob B.

Special thanks to Kevin B and other volunteers for putting on another top-notch event.

(photo poached from OCC)

(photo poached from OCC)

(photo poached from OCC)

(photo poached from OCC)

Mike practicing for next year's Butter Belt (photo poached from OCC)

"Little Spaniard" Larry summitting another climb

Deuce...a bit camera shy at his 2009 debut

Gilles defies shutter-speed yet again

Brad hauls his huge carcass across the finish

"Little Spaniard" brings it home

The FGD Challenge: We were unable to capitalize on our numbers (6 RRR vs. 4 FGBC) due to our 2 DNFs (oh, what could have been). It appears 2 racers of note, one from each club, are missing from the the results, so the scoreboard remains unchanged at this time. Best case scenario has RRR edging out FGBC by a few points on the night. Hopefully we'll get this all sorted out in short order.

The word on the street is Colin's aware of the omissions and working his abacus and slide ruler to make the necessary corrections.

Tonight: Chris and Mike are taking part in the handicap road race at BHP. Due to their efforts we should be able to make up some of the points we lost at last Friday's Grass Track race. Godspeed, boys.


  1. All those beautiful white jerseys. Good times.

    Don't forget to register for Reach the Beach before Friday. We need to do some serious catching up in the points race.

  2. Yes, get those registrations in! RtB is set to be a points-fest for RRR (something we really need following last night's DNFs).

  3. uhhhhh....

    maybe delete that last line about the hopes of pts from Chris for the handicap road race. Don't think there are bonus pts for getting the lanterne rouge...


  4. We'll see what the results say, Duece. I'm sure you're good for a few points, well, maybe a couple.

    At least you're racing. Good job.