Friday, June 26, 2009

RRR Wool

I see our FGBC friends are talking about wool jerseys. That's funny. So are we.

While they're calling their's the sweetest jersey, we don't feel the need to throw around such grandiose terms. Our jersey speaks for itself.

Total cost for the long-sleeve with embroidery comes in at $70 US with a minimum order of 12.

With already a few confirming interest, you know you want one, too.


  1. Hey there,

    I'm a member of the MIT club in Steinbach. Very cool jersey. Are you selling to riders outside your club? Loren Friesen, I believe a past member of your club, has ridden with us a few times.


  2. Hey RJ. Thank, and no problem. Shoot me an email and I'll notify you when the order is placed. Shouldn't be in too long now.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Couldn't find an e-mail link on your blogger profile. If you click on my "RJ" profile you'll get a link to my e-mail address.

  4. Sorry about that...I didn't realized I had that feature turned off.

    I saw Loren yesterday at the Reach the Beach enduro race. He mentioned you and your interest in the jersey. Any friend of Lorno is a friend of RRR.