Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FGD Challenge Update (revised)

A number of results were finalized or finally posted last night. We now have the missing placements for both RRR's Lars and FGBC's President from last week's WNR #3 out at BHP, so we can complete the tally for each team in that event. With Lars edging out the President in the Sport category, I'm pleased to say we won the night with a 66-62 victory. If only we didn't have 2 DNF's...

Other results have come been posted within the past 24 hours. First, last Thursday's handicap road race out at BHP. Mike, our stalwart racer, bumped and grinded his way to a 6th spot finish in a group sprint to the line. Next we have Sunday's Bring a Friend race out at Birch where Chris and Gilles placed 10th and 11th, respectively.

Drum roll please...

After this installment of the FGD Update, we're down by just 35 points.

The next major event is Sunday's Reach the Beach enduro which counts for double points. Even those that finish outside the top 20 will recieve points, so a lot of points can be accumulated in short order (well, in about 5 - 6 hours).

I would be remiss to not mention the upcoming 2009 FGBC Tour de France pool. In a vicarious race between RRR and FGBC memembers, the final results in this 21-stage spectacle will also be included in the fierce FGD Challenge. It's going to be exciting and as an RRR member you don't want to miss out. Full details to be released soon.

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