Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Update

Mike did us proud in yesterday's TT out at BHP (14th overall). As per the race results, there were just under 60 riders—a good turnout on what was a great spring day for riding.

No FGBC riders participated in yesterday's TT, so Mike's perfomance extends our lead by 8 points. Two more sleeps until the WNS kicks off when points will really start to pile up for both clubs.


  1. Nice work Mike. Is that a B&B skinsuit you're wearing?
    As far as points go, racing Sport against all the 20, 30, 40 plus guys, the chances of me cracking the top 20 to garner any points don't look too promising. But I'll do my best. KK, it's all up to you in the mountain bike races.

  2. Nice scoreboard! Now we'll have to start working on that score. That's what Wednesday is for.

  3. Mike certainly needs a new skin suit. I'd better get on that order for new team kits.

    Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of fun?

  4. Fun day fellows. Sounds like you also had good rides on sunday. Hey- do we get points on full standings, or categorized standings- I finished 6th in cat 4- just checking, cause we'd get more points....
    I like the skin suit- apparently the FGBC have skinsuits- haven't seen them yet. And I love aero helmets. they are soooo cool.

  5. Good question, Mike. We'll have to discuss at the next TNR.

  6. As per last night's brief discussion, we agreed that points would be awarded based on categorized results if/when available.

    We'll make sure Mike's amended points total is calculated after tonights WNS results.