Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday Night Race Series - Race #1

riding with Craig isn't good if you're tying to look svelt

The results are posted at the Olympia Cycling Club's site (or just click here).

It was a good night of racing—lots of riders out and excellent, fast conditions. Can't wait for the next race, scheduled for June 3rd.


  1. Congratulations KK. Good race.

  2. Thanks, Brad. I'm fairly happy with the result. I made 2 or 3 costly mistakes, all together costing me about a minute. Got to figure out this racing thing again.

    Brad, you did pretty well, too. You'll be cracking the top 5 and the podium soon.

    Larry, Mike—mark June 3rd on your calendars. Do it. Do it. Doooo it.

  3. We'll see about that. My placing has more to do with a lucky spot in the starting queue than with riding ability.

  4. At Bur Oak its mostly all about the start.

  5. Good job, RRR boys! KK, nice showing. Brad, you were 4 minutes after 1st - awesome! I'm proud of my RRR brethren, you guys are an inspiration.

    Sorry Mike, you are as well - I just didn't have time to comment on previous postings. This is the first time I've had a chance to post for a while.

    Hey, anyone know if that ITT later this month (next week?) is a go? The first in the series was cancelled (or so I was told here), but is the second happening?

  6. I believe the next ITT is put on by a different organizer without 3 races to put on that day, so it should be on.

    Cut down that seat mast and get set to bring it.

  7. Just cut it down tonite, but then spent 3 hrs trying to bleed my freakin' Avid brakes. The bleeding was fine, but can't get them to run without rubbing now. Ready to chuck the bike into the river. Any mtb ride will be HT for now.

    So yeah, just cut it down, Jane'll test it tomorrow but looks to be good all around, and ready to go. May actually make it to a race this year...

  8. If you're staying with the hardtail and ready to chuck the Truth, throw it in this direction.

    Can't wait to sse the Scott.