Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wed. Nite Handicap RR

Another flat tire. At least this time I had it before the race started. I did a quick tube change (my last one in stock), and pulled out the tiny sliver of wire piercing my tire. I like handicap Road races. If everyone one in you category works well together, you can pull off the win. So, the cat. 5's went- a group of about 8 I think. We waited 7 minutes and followed. 11 in our group, and the cat 3's left about 4 minutes behind us. (a group of about 7 or 8). The key to doing well is, as I've said, is working well together as a group. We didn't do too bad. Lots of inexperience and jumpy riders. Not the smoothest group. We caught the cat. 5's on the 3rd and last lap, just before the downhill by the east gate. The cat 3's were no where in sight.
Experienced road racers are very patient. They wait and watch- wait for the right time to attack or chase or sit in or sprint. Now, most of manitoba road racing is fairly flat, and the race usually ends up in a sprint- so everyone bids their time. Nobody wants to expend too much energy and not have anything for the sprint- which is usually what happens.
So we descend the hill and start the climb just before the sprint finish. I can't handle it, so I jump early- way early- just as we start to climb. Everybody is yelling "there he goes", "watch on your right", "go get him".etc.
I don't seem to really be going fast past anyone, but then I look back- I have a good gap. Nobody wants to chase. Too close to the finish. Everyone is looking around to see who will give chase. I look back- maybe 8-10 seconds- enough to hold it- as long as they don't give too much chase.
Inexperienced road racers are not so patient. One particular racer decides he can catch me. And he does. And he brings everyone with him. Then he gets dropped. I managed to keep up and not get dropped, but only placed 9th in the sprint.
Talking to the particular racer, ( actually a pretty good mountain biker) he realized what he did, and did comment that he probably should of let me go. Oh well, next time.
9th place scored me a tube
So all in all, life is good.


  1. Thanks for the update, Mike. The handicap race is one that I would like to try sometime soon. Had I not been triple-booked tonight, I would have made it out.

    Good job on testing the group's limits with your early hip-hop to the finish. You still made the top 10.

  2. Nice work Mike. Handicap races are a great format. I've done a few. It's always fun to chase or try to stay away.