Friday, May 15, 2009

superboy's not super

I think that everyone would know this already, but for those that don't - having a superboy for lunch the day of a race-not a good idea. I'm not sure what I was thinking.

Maybe I thought that I would be super? Even 6 hours after consuming the behemoth, it was a horrible feeling. However, I did take 2nd place at the TT last night. I think 1st might have been in the cards if it wasn't for the wonderful feeling I had in my belly.

Anyway, check out this guy's site here.

Editor's note: Mike's stellar performance reels in the FGBC to a manageable lead. Points will be updated upon the conclusion of tonight's grass track race.


  1. That brings back memories of last July's Burger Cat. I don't know how you could expect top performance after scarfing one of those. Yummy - yes, race fuel - uh-uh.

    Nice work at the TT despite the greasy lump of ground beef in your belly. We sure needed those points!

    Speaking of points, tonight's the grass track race at Whittier...

  2. Good work Mike. I would love to do tonight's race, but I'm working. Go get 'em KK.

  3. i had a whopper 30 minutes before my first race ever. came in about 38th out of 39, and my racing budy pointed out some guy name "jennifer" beat me by about 15 minutes.

    it took me about 3 more years before i tried another race. hope it doesn't turn you off for that long mike.


  4. No, it won't turn me off. I've done dumb eating things and racing before. Can't make grass track tonight. Go KK.