Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Riding Mountain Trails

I heard about this from Hal Loewen. A fantastic idea.

Post below stolen from Spinning Squares blog.

Manitoba Escarpment Trail Society

Some really good and dedicated people are starting the formation of a group to build singletrack MTB and hiking trails in Riding Mountain National Park. The group includes a number of Brandon riders along with people from across the region.

Here's the note that they sent me.


We formed a new group that is pursuing an opportunity to build and maintain single track trails within Riding Mountain National Park. We are looking for people who are interested in joining our society to promote and support this great idea.

We are hoping to get a pilot project later this summer-fall to begin the development of an area that few people see. This area offers unparalleled views of Manitoba and has the potential to become a world class trail system. If you are interested please fill out the waiver and attach the appropriate funds, so we can continue pursuing this dream. Thanks.

-Deron Ash

They are teaming up with IMBA, and are hoping in the next 5 or so years to have the trail become close to, or actually an IMBA EPIC trail, which is HUGE! The trails will have up to 3000 feet of climbing!

From one Member:
In a nutshell the trail development would include some trails by the JET, Baldhill, Packhorse and eventually an epic "12 Gorge" trail. "Rome was not built in a day" so the scope of the project is long-term.

As always with the government, environmental assessments must be done and $'s budgeted (which apparently are there but not sure how much). It's kind of a 'we want to develop this with volunteer public help'. The 1-5 year plan the Park has definitely shows a keen interest for this escarpment project. Deron has again done ALOT of work contacting interested people/groups (surrounding area and Winnipeg) about this project. The acronym METS (Manitoba Escarpment Trail Society) is not solely limited to cyclists. The hope is that many people (user groups) will come on board and want to involve themselves with a project of this nature. The biggest input would be the volunteer labour pool which is covered by a yearly insurance policy (provided you are signed up) through IMBA. An example may be a one weekend a season trail-building/maintaining work-bee.

If you are interested on helping out and want to see a world class MTB trail in one of our greatest natural areas, go HERE to download a signup sheet.

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  1. It would be pretty sweet to have something developed specifically for moutain biking up in that area. There's so much potential.