Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Gotta Take The Power Back

It's time to rally the troops. The FGBC gang has been making a lot of noise lately. With four racers participating in this past Sunday's race at Grand Beach (results, photos) and a strong finish on the asphalt in last night's crit at Assiniboine Park (photos), our rivals have started to open a gap in the FGD Challenge.

While Mother's Day obligations and mechanicals hampered our ability to add to our points total, there are a number of upcoming races to stage a counter-attack.

May 14 (tomorrow!) — The Woodcock ITT #1. I anticipate at least one of the TT machines from the collective RRR stable will show. Will it be Jane? Larry? Mike's probably out with a KOM scheduling conflict. The forecast should mean a smaller field which means more potential for points.

May 15 — The launch of Grass Track Fridays. Not a part of the MCA schedule, but counts in the FGD Challenge regardless. No MCA license required.

May 24MB Cup #2 Mountain bike racing returns to the Brandon Hills. IMO, this is one of the finest venues in Manitoba—well worth the trip.

May 13
— MB Cup #3 at Falcon Lake. I feel I should mention it, but most of us will be joining the FGBC gang for their annual Spring Ride and won't be in any condition to race.

June 7 — the first of the MUERTO series—The Tinker Creek Back 40. Sounds delicious. $5 day licenses are available for this event.

In the words of Rage...
We need a movement with quickness
You are the witness of change
And to counteract
We gotta take the power back


  1. I'm trying to do the TT- if I can get Jack a ride to KOM. Brad?

  2. Unfortunately we have the spring concert for the boys' school tomorrow nite, and it's also Dave's birthday. Given that I'll be away all next week, I'm pretty sure I'd find my bikes and some clothes on the front driveway with the locks changed if I tried to go tomorrow.

    Hope you make it there, Mike. Wish I could join you (really).

  3. So are you goin to the TT? I'll stroll over and "collect" your belongings.

  4. Nice try, Paul. I'm already camped out in the front yard, just in case.

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