Friday, May 15, 2009

Grass Track Grunt - Vol. 1

Tonight's grass track event was just about what one would expect as we jumped on our cross bikes; temps near zero with a cold north wind, and rain turning into snow turning into rain. It was wet, soggy, and cold.

Five of us (Mike from Brandon (BBC), Dave L, Dr. H, and I) comprised the original field of racers before Hal arrived to even out the numbers while Ian played the role of commissaire and race director. We did four different types of races around a 200 meter grass oval...I'll probably some of the details wrong.

Race 1 - 20 laps
1st-Dr. H, 2nd-KK, 3rd-Mike, 4th-Dave

Race 2 - match sprint, best of 3 (ranking from race 1 used for pairings)
round 1a, heats 1 & 2 - Dr. H vs. Dave, winner Dr. H
round 1b, heats 1 & 2 - KK vs. Mike, winner KK
round 2, heat 1 - Dr. H vs. KK vs. Hal, winner KK
round 2, heat 2 - as above, winner Dr. H
round 2, heat 3 - as above, winner KK (in a dramatic, full-on sprint finish with Dr. H)

Race 3 - handicap race
1st-Mike, 2nd-Dave (those two had another dramatic sprint finish), 3rd-?, 4th-?, 5th-probably this point my head was still in a fog and my legs the consistency of wet noodles from the RRR/FGBC duel.

Race 4 - miss and out
1st-Dr. H, 2nd-KK, 3rd-?, 4th-?, 5th-? (again, I had very little awareness of my surroundings and was just trying to stay upright—Dr. H must have gifted me Race 2 as he seemed completely recovered for this race)

Special thanks to Ian for making this all happen. This kind of grass root (ha, ha) event is where it's at—I had a vonderful goot time.

The next scheduled grass track race is June 19. The weather has to be better by then, so hopefully a larger group will be out to participate.

In the meantime, I'll adjust my stringent training regimen to address the foggy head thing.

The FGBC blog now features some photos...checka, check it out.

...and here's the updated scoreboard.


  1. way to go KK.
    sounds like fun- I may be able to make it in June

  2. I strongly encourage making it out n June 19. Having more riders involved will add to the fun.

  3. Good times. And good racing. You should all come out next time. It will be, as the Secretary says, super sweet.

  4. Oops. Rachel = me. I guess she had logged in to her gmail. But this also give me an opportunity to add that the post-race gathering at the Belgian Club was a perfect way to finish off the evening.

  5. Rachel? Hmmm...maybe he is a little foggy, too. Or maybe it's the post-race beverages?

    Good times, indeed.

  6. Nicely done Thor. Smashing job. I hope to make the next one.

  7. agony of laps
    meted out by grass alone
    our quads and lungs seared

  8. Holy Crap! Mike was in for this? That is sweet, but you might have had more if he'd have told the rest of us out here!! Maybe next time. Wait till cx season, there will be a sea of RED!

    Oh yeah, pre reg for BDN and you are in a draw for a free Back 40 reg now!

    And yes I realize this is spam like.

  9. Yes, quads and lungs seared.

    Greg - feel free to spam us anytime.