Friday, May 8, 2009

Fort Garry now Russell

Apparently, our brothers over at the Fort Garry Bike Club, have a new owner. Russell Beer. So, maybe RRR should change our beer sponsor to Russell Beer- as we will soon be owning the FGBC.
It is a good brew too. Enjoying some right now. Good Luck to all racers on Sunday. I'll be at the road race (with some Russell beer in the cooler in the truck). I'll even share with any FGBC racers who may happen to be at the road race. Now there is beer as well as points available on Sunday.


  1. Old news on the Russell front. I think that happened a couple of years ago. Dig around on the FGBC blog and you will no doubt find some discussion about it. The president did some exploring with our friends at the brewery and the secretary declared it to be a non-issue.

  2. I guess I'm out dated (like my bike). First time I've seen the beer. I got sucked into the free samples at the Liquor Mart. Ohhhhh, free samples.
    They have some award on their cans (that doesn't quite sound right), I bought some after sample for quite some time- I felt guilty that I sampled so much, I should at least support them once.

  3. Free samples are good. I tasted some good vodka the other day.

    Good luck on Sunday. Sounds like you're the only RRRacer. Maybe the FGBC will finally win a round.