Thursday, May 28, 2009

FGD Challenge Update

Stalwart RRR dude and hip-hop dancer extrodinaire, Mike has once again put in a good performance for our team (and by performance I mean bike race, not recital). By my calculations, Mike's finish adds another 13 poiints to our total which keeps us within a 7th place finish of the FGBC.

I must applaude Mike for his regular contribution - without him we'd surely be in a much different position. He's helped us keep things close despite us so far only having 3 points-getters vs. FGBC's 5.

Factor in an unfortunate injury to FGBC's secret weapon, Deuce's donning of the colours in less than 4 weeks, Lars' return from Europe where he surely learned of the latest performance boosters, and a possible appearances for sure-fire points from Jane (and a new recuit?), we're not out of this thing yet.


  1. Next month should see those numbers change a lot. Two Wed races and the Back 40 (or 80) for many of us in both clubs. Jane we need you!

  2. Once we are in the lead to stay, our theme song will be: "You can't touch this."
    Makes me want to bust a move just thinking about it.