Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's more like this actually....
I see a jersey with a hammer and "can't touch this" in the future....

MG Hammer

Yo, this here is a special shout out to my main man MG Mike. The dog won't be joining in on the Spring Ride fun as he's got a function, dig. MG, we'll be thinking of you and your dope moves. But please, Hammer, dont' hurt 'em.

Break a leg, hommes.

who let the dog out?

FGD Challenge Update

Stalwart RRR dude and hip-hop dancer extrodinaire, Mike has once again put in a good performance for our team (and by performance I mean bike race, not recital). By my calculations, Mike's finish adds another 13 poiints to our total which keeps us within a 7th place finish of the FGBC.

I must applaude Mike for his regular contribution - without him we'd surely be in a much different position. He's helped us keep things close despite us so far only having 3 points-getters vs. FGBC's 5.

Factor in an unfortunate injury to FGBC's secret weapon, Deuce's donning of the colours in less than 4 weeks, Lars' return from Europe where he surely learned of the latest performance boosters, and a possible appearances for sure-fire points from Jane (and a new recuit?), we're not out of this thing yet.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wed. Nite Handicap RR

Another flat tire. At least this time I had it before the race started. I did a quick tube change (my last one in stock), and pulled out the tiny sliver of wire piercing my tire. I like handicap Road races. If everyone one in you category works well together, you can pull off the win. So, the cat. 5's went- a group of about 8 I think. We waited 7 minutes and followed. 11 in our group, and the cat 3's left about 4 minutes behind us. (a group of about 7 or 8). The key to doing well is, as I've said, is working well together as a group. We didn't do too bad. Lots of inexperience and jumpy riders. Not the smoothest group. We caught the cat. 5's on the 3rd and last lap, just before the downhill by the east gate. The cat 3's were no where in sight.
Experienced road racers are very patient. They wait and watch- wait for the right time to attack or chase or sit in or sprint. Now, most of manitoba road racing is fairly flat, and the race usually ends up in a sprint- so everyone bids their time. Nobody wants to expend too much energy and not have anything for the sprint- which is usually what happens.
So we descend the hill and start the climb just before the sprint finish. I can't handle it, so I jump early- way early- just as we start to climb. Everybody is yelling "there he goes", "watch on your right", "go get him".etc.
I don't seem to really be going fast past anyone, but then I look back- I have a good gap. Nobody wants to chase. Too close to the finish. Everyone is looking around to see who will give chase. I look back- maybe 8-10 seconds- enough to hold it- as long as they don't give too much chase.
Inexperienced road racers are not so patient. One particular racer decides he can catch me. And he does. And he brings everyone with him. Then he gets dropped. I managed to keep up and not get dropped, but only placed 9th in the sprint.
Talking to the particular racer, ( actually a pretty good mountain biker) he realized what he did, and did comment that he probably should of let me go. Oh well, next time.
9th place scored me a tube
So all in all, life is good.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Distressed Levi

Sorta looks like Levi crapped himself on today's final climb

For those of us with Levi in the FGBC Giro pool, today really sucked. It doesn't look good, but a rest-day blood transfusion may give him another chance.

Speaking of doping....I didn't see today's stage, but from the Velonew's coverage, it sounded like LA is ready to take over the sandbox again.

Can't wait for the drama of the TdF to unfold.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Downhill slide

Now it is more obvious than ever. The FGBC demise is imminent. I went to pick up beer the other day, and what did I come across? A sampler 12 pack of fort garry and.... two rivers!
I realize now that the FGBC will slide into oblivion in the RRR battle. To partner with a beer that comes in 2 litre plastic bottles (and the 591ml plastic bottle) is unexplainable. We may not have a beer sponsor, but at least we are not shamed by being connected with two rivers. I believe that new jerseys are in order for the FGBC (soon to be TRBC).
First the Russell thing and now this- where is the dignity? I have to admit that picking up the half pints was an excellent decision, and almost makes up for the two rivers- but not quite. Have a drink on me boys- as long as it's brewed in Manitoba....
/ rated here

Friday, May 15, 2009

Grass Track Grunt - Vol. 1

Tonight's grass track event was just about what one would expect as we jumped on our cross bikes; temps near zero with a cold north wind, and rain turning into snow turning into rain. It was wet, soggy, and cold.

Five of us (Mike from Brandon (BBC), Dave L, Dr. H, and I) comprised the original field of racers before Hal arrived to even out the numbers while Ian played the role of commissaire and race director. We did four different types of races around a 200 meter grass oval...I'll probably some of the details wrong.

Race 1 - 20 laps
1st-Dr. H, 2nd-KK, 3rd-Mike, 4th-Dave

Race 2 - match sprint, best of 3 (ranking from race 1 used for pairings)
round 1a, heats 1 & 2 - Dr. H vs. Dave, winner Dr. H
round 1b, heats 1 & 2 - KK vs. Mike, winner KK
round 2, heat 1 - Dr. H vs. KK vs. Hal, winner KK
round 2, heat 2 - as above, winner Dr. H
round 2, heat 3 - as above, winner KK (in a dramatic, full-on sprint finish with Dr. H)

Race 3 - handicap race
1st-Mike, 2nd-Dave (those two had another dramatic sprint finish), 3rd-?, 4th-?, 5th-probably this point my head was still in a fog and my legs the consistency of wet noodles from the RRR/FGBC duel.

Race 4 - miss and out
1st-Dr. H, 2nd-KK, 3rd-?, 4th-?, 5th-? (again, I had very little awareness of my surroundings and was just trying to stay upright—Dr. H must have gifted me Race 2 as he seemed completely recovered for this race)

Special thanks to Ian for making this all happen. This kind of grass root (ha, ha) event is where it's at—I had a vonderful goot time.

The next scheduled grass track race is June 19. The weather has to be better by then, so hopefully a larger group will be out to participate.

In the meantime, I'll adjust my stringent training regimen to address the foggy head thing.

The FGBC blog now features some photos...checka, check it out.

...and here's the updated scoreboard.

A Great Start to the May Long Weekend

from our neighbours out at VB (taken at noon today)

Bah, humbug.

superboy's not super

I think that everyone would know this already, but for those that don't - having a superboy for lunch the day of a race-not a good idea. I'm not sure what I was thinking.

Maybe I thought that I would be super? Even 6 hours after consuming the behemoth, it was a horrible feeling. However, I did take 2nd place at the TT last night. I think 1st might have been in the cards if it wasn't for the wonderful feeling I had in my belly.

Anyway, check out this guy's site here.

Editor's note: Mike's stellar performance reels in the FGBC to a manageable lead. Points will be updated upon the conclusion of tonight's grass track race.

Road Trip Anyone?

Anybody up for a road trip to some of the best riding this side of the Rockies? And I don't mean Pinawa. How about it? 3 nights camping and riding the Maah Daah Hey Trail in North Dakota??? I've got a couple of days from July 14th-17th that I can get away and do some riding. Any takers? Yeah, I know, this post is pretty much a waste of time, seeing as who's got 3-4 days off in the middle of July that can be spent away from family obligations???

But, in case a little bit of information, pictures and some helmet cam video footage from the trail could convince you, then lookie here...

imba slideshow
good description and pictures

Ok, if driving down to ND isn't in the cards, how about camping at Stephenfield and riding Birch and Morden? Or, hang out at Brereton and ride Ingolf and Falcon?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Gotta Take The Power Back

It's time to rally the troops. The FGBC gang has been making a lot of noise lately. With four racers participating in this past Sunday's race at Grand Beach (results, photos) and a strong finish on the asphalt in last night's crit at Assiniboine Park (photos), our rivals have started to open a gap in the FGD Challenge.

While Mother's Day obligations and mechanicals hampered our ability to add to our points total, there are a number of upcoming races to stage a counter-attack.

May 14 (tomorrow!) — The Woodcock ITT #1. I anticipate at least one of the TT machines from the collective RRR stable will show. Will it be Jane? Larry? Mike's probably out with a KOM scheduling conflict. The forecast should mean a smaller field which means more potential for points.

May 15 — The launch of Grass Track Fridays. Not a part of the MCA schedule, but counts in the FGD Challenge regardless. No MCA license required.

May 24MB Cup #2 Mountain bike racing returns to the Brandon Hills. IMO, this is one of the finest venues in Manitoba—well worth the trip.

May 13
— MB Cup #3 at Falcon Lake. I feel I should mention it, but most of us will be joining the FGBC gang for their annual Spring Ride and won't be in any condition to race.

June 7 — the first of the MUERTO series—The Tinker Creek Back 40. Sounds delicious. $5 day licenses are available for this event.

In the words of Rage...
We need a movement with quickness
You are the witness of change
And to counteract
We gotta take the power back

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boonen Pulls a Boner...Again

Wow...I wasn't trying to conjure up old ghosts when I made the recreational drug quip at Boonen's expense yesterday, but it seems he's back to his partying antics. VN, Universal Sports

Quickstep has suspended him and Boonen may face jail-time if convicted of drug-related criminal charges. His lawyer doesn't sound too optimistic.

Good thing he's like a rock star in Belgium. Rock stars never have to serve time. They just need a good body shop technician.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fort Garry now Russell

Apparently, our brothers over at the Fort Garry Bike Club, have a new owner. Russell Beer. So, maybe RRR should change our beer sponsor to Russell Beer- as we will soon be owning the FGBC.
It is a good brew too. Enjoying some right now. Good Luck to all racers on Sunday. I'll be at the road race (with some Russell beer in the cooler in the truck). I'll even share with any FGBC racers who may happen to be at the road race. Now there is beer as well as points available on Sunday.

Henry Lee Summer - rock star, cyclist, or...

Cyclist or rock star?

Cyclist or recreational drug abuser?

Late '80's fromage at its best (which is really its worst)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday Night Race Series - Race #1

riding with Craig isn't good if you're tying to look svelt

The results are posted at the Olympia Cycling Club's site (or just click here).

It was a good night of racing—lots of riders out and excellent, fast conditions. Can't wait for the next race, scheduled for June 3rd.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool

On the heels of the 2009 Spring Classics Pool (congrats again to Mike for claiming top spot), our FGBC friends are launching their 2009 edition of the Giro d'Italia Pool. All the details here.

You have until the Giro's starting pistola on Saturday morning to send in your team.

...hope to see a few more teams carrying the RRR banner into vicarious competition.

Riding Mountain Trails

I heard about this from Hal Loewen. A fantastic idea.

Post below stolen from Spinning Squares blog.

Manitoba Escarpment Trail Society

Some really good and dedicated people are starting the formation of a group to build singletrack MTB and hiking trails in Riding Mountain National Park. The group includes a number of Brandon riders along with people from across the region.

Here's the note that they sent me.


We formed a new group that is pursuing an opportunity to build and maintain single track trails within Riding Mountain National Park. We are looking for people who are interested in joining our society to promote and support this great idea.

We are hoping to get a pilot project later this summer-fall to begin the development of an area that few people see. This area offers unparalleled views of Manitoba and has the potential to become a world class trail system. If you are interested please fill out the waiver and attach the appropriate funds, so we can continue pursuing this dream. Thanks.

-Deron Ash

They are teaming up with IMBA, and are hoping in the next 5 or so years to have the trail become close to, or actually an IMBA EPIC trail, which is HUGE! The trails will have up to 3000 feet of climbing!

From one Member:
In a nutshell the trail development would include some trails by the JET, Baldhill, Packhorse and eventually an epic "12 Gorge" trail. "Rome was not built in a day" so the scope of the project is long-term.

As always with the government, environmental assessments must be done and $'s budgeted (which apparently are there but not sure how much). It's kind of a 'we want to develop this with volunteer public help'. The 1-5 year plan the Park has definitely shows a keen interest for this escarpment project. Deron has again done ALOT of work contacting interested people/groups (surrounding area and Winnipeg) about this project. The acronym METS (Manitoba Escarpment Trail Society) is not solely limited to cyclists. The hope is that many people (user groups) will come on board and want to involve themselves with a project of this nature. The biggest input would be the volunteer labour pool which is covered by a yearly insurance policy (provided you are signed up) through IMBA. An example may be a one weekend a season trail-building/maintaining work-bee.

If you are interested on helping out and want to see a world class MTB trail in one of our greatest natural areas, go HERE to download a signup sheet.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Update

Mike did us proud in yesterday's TT out at BHP (14th overall). As per the race results, there were just under 60 riders—a good turnout on what was a great spring day for riding.

No FGBC riders participated in yesterday's TT, so Mike's perfomance extends our lead by 8 points. Two more sleeps until the WNS kicks off when points will really start to pile up for both clubs.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Little Five

On right now, 160 laps in.  Go Cutters!

(I think it was actually raced last weekend)