Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Theo Bos: "This is really making me sick"

Mr. Bos claims he was trying to prevent a crash. Maybe - that might explain why he pulled Impey across his own front wheel.

Podium Cafe has a translation of an entry on Bos' blog responding to the crash here.


  1. Bos' explanation makes sense, why pull him in front of you when you could shove him into other riders. Pushing actually makes more sense if it was premeditated, then he could claim (as he is) that Impey was crowding him and he panicked and tried to ward him off. As it is it looks like Bos panicked and could have killed himself by foolishly pulling Impey in front of him.

    Of course my analysis doesn't account for potential doping with which a nice cocktail of amphetamines,anabolic steroids, and a bourbon chaser could have had Bos thinking he was Thor and assuming that he would throw Impey completely over the barrier and out of his own path. (This does not imply that I believe that Thor is doping, just that he is capable of such a feat)

  2. It seems reasonable that a guy of Bos's caliber and with his track background would know what to do in a sprint and be comfortable with contact. But there are no barricades on the track. Maybe that freaked him out. His explanation makes sense to me. Hopefully there is more video available.

    And Thor could definitely grab a guy and throw him over the barricades.