Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rotate On These

Ah, memories. These cranks look sort of familiar, don't they? Haven't we seen something like this on Larry's bikes? With matching drilled-out forks, stems, levers, pedals, and cantis back when all his bike bits were ti (to match his drill bits)?

Maybe he's been doing some work on the side with Rotor and Cervélo, and that's why he's been MIA lately.


  1. That looks like an 80 tooth chainring. Must be on Voigt's bike.

    Larry will have some catching up to do when he gets home. I can't wait for the witty rebuttals. And everybody knows Lance is clean. 'Never failed a test'.

  2. I remember someone disassembling brand new wheels to change nipples or something just to save weight. The weight weenie title is well deserved.

  3. I took off rings like that on my mariononi back in 95- shimano though. My bike is an 88 model. History repeats itself- every 20 years it seems.

  4. "bio-pace" sounds kind of environmentally friendly.

  5. Lance is clean.

    I took apart used wheels (albeit in perfect shape) to install ti spokes that I had from an old set (both Cane Creek), not to switch nipples. That was back in '00 or so.

    I've never drilled any part anywhere, even back to my early bmx days. Used to make fun of the guys back in the bmx days for doing that, though.

    Mike, is that you or your ever-lovin', tree-hugging wife commenting about bio-pace rings sounding environmentally friendly? Just wondering...

  6. I should add - I had a BMX that was well under 20 lbs back in the early '80's (of course without drilling, but I did have aluminum handlebars on a freestyle bike), and I used that baby for ramps (1/4 pipes - we were too poor to build 1/2 pipes) and jumping big gaps (including my '67 Beaumont without a landing ramp). None of this 40 lb BMX indestructible stuff to account for errors, back then it was all about finesse - even with the big air (I think the best my boys back then got was around 5 ft of air on the 1/4 pipe).

    Nowadays one would need a 60 lb 9" dual suspension mtb to clear a car. Back then we had grace with our "extreme" (for the time, anyway) stunts.